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Symptoms of Fat People

“symptoms of fat people” showed up today in the table of items people searched on* that led them to my site.

So: what are “symptoms of fat people”?  I always thought it was weight vs height. Or visible padding.   What else?   Breathing hard?   Physical weakness?  Diabetes?   An obsession with what other people think of them and what they eat?   Dieting?   Lack of exercise?   Lots of exercise?  

What do you think?

*These are also known as Search Terms.

27 responses to “Symptoms of Fat People”

  1. I had to laugh—I interpreted the post title in my reader as “You might be a fat person if . . . ”

    You mean people can’t tell just by looking anymore? Fancy that!

    1. Frightening, isn’t it? :)

  2. You left out being smelly. ;-D

    1. True! Because no one else ever sweats! :)

  3. Sounds like someone trying to find out what sort of health problems are common to fat people.

    1. Or maybe the symptoms of those health problems. :)

      1. touche!

  4. There has been some panic lately that fat people don’t know they’re fat; maybe your “symptoms of fat people” Googler has taken that to heart.

    “Am I fat? I don’t *think* so … but OMG! The Fat Gap! I might be fat and not even know it OH NOES…!!!”

  5. BWA HA HA HA. I love the idea of someone going “I think I might have caught the fat. What are the symptoms?”

  6. Rofl that is great, it has to be interesting to find out what people are actually searching for. Kind of makes me re-think typing in some search terms I am wondering about :P

  7. Wait, what? There may be SYMPTOMS of fatness now, other than, like, fat all over my body? Crap, maybe I’m not fat after all. I’d better consult the intarwebz…

    1. I know! It’s, like, being fat isn’t just about being padded!

      1. I feel like walking up to a doctor now and asking “How do I know if I’m fat?”

        1. I just want you to know I am SHAKING WITH LAUGHTER right now in my cube at work.


          1. Hope you didn’t get in trouble! I’d say sorry, but I’m not… :D

              1. i do think its a genuine and fair question but theres always some plonker.

  8. symptom of fat: irrational hatred of the mitten industry.

    1. I’d like to hear from the glove manufacturers–because I end up buying several replacement pairs every single winter . . .

      But I suppose “Absentminded women support glove industry!” isn’t as catchy a headline.

  9. I would have loved the mitten industry to follow me around last Sunday in NYC. It was 40 degrees out, rainy, windy and my hands were still chilly under my fleece gloves.

    1. I think if I lived in a colder part of the country I’d wear mittens over my gloves.

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