Oprah Online: Article on fat acceptance

The Oprah magazine article I posted about earlier, by (mother) Robin Marantz Henig and (daughter) Jess Zimmerman, is online now.   So far the comments are good too, but there’s only two of them, so I’d be cautious anyway.



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5 responses to “Oprah Online: Article on fat acceptance”

  1. the fat nutritionist Avatar

    I have to say that this is a totally beautiful article.

  2. Meems Avatar

    My mom and I actually went out and bought a copy of this month’s O magazine after you mentioned this article…

  3. Amanda Avatar

    That was a great article, thanks for the link! I especially loved this line:

    Mom never envisioned an ending where the fat kid discovers that there was nothing wrong with her in the first place. Why would she? Nobody ever wrote that story.

    And it’s great that this article, and so many fat acceptance blogs, are writing those stories.

  4. Amy How Avatar
    Amy How

    Is it snowing on your blog? Or is it a meteor shower? Thanks for the tip about the article. I purchased the magazine hoping in some small way to show support for this kind of story.

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      It’s snow — a WordPress thing for December. :)

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