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Thankful Thursday

[a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude]

1) The cold I had that kept me out of work for a week and low energy for another?  Mostly gone!

2) Getting to be the able-bodied one this weekend.  A friend was visiting who’d injured his back, so I was doing the lifting, opening doors, going into the grocery store for a scooter while he waited on the bench with his cane, and so forth.  It felt good!

3) My walking speed may not be great, but I was able to do lots of walking without knee pain on Thursday and Friday.   And the small amount I had Saturday and Sunday went away after … drumroll … 10 minutes’ steady walking.   This is good because I spent most of the weekend at a conference.

4) The pain that developed in my hip Saturday and Sunday (while sleeping in the (very hard) hotel bed) has greatly diminished now that I’m home again.

5) Being told the work I’d done to pull off the conference was good :)

4 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. I’m betting your work on the conference was awesome!

    What am I thankful for this week?

    Good food. I’ve been doing my best to try out at least one new recipe a week for the year. So far, so good. I’ve also been trying to try out new techniques and ingredients at least part of the time. The experiment is going swimmingly! I’m learning new things in the kitchen and eating ridiculously well. Last night’s onion soubise and white chocolate risotto were both scrumptious.

    Saving money. Mr. Twistie and I have both had some cutbacks at work. It’s resulting in some creative belt-tightening, but it’s also spurred us to change some things that really weren’t working for us. We were spending a hideous amount of money on very basic cable sans any bells and whistles and the world’s slowest internet connection. Needing to find ways to cut the budget forced us to seek out a better deal. Now we have more channels on our TV, HD DVR, and a faster internet connection that won’t time out while I’m trying to submit my articles for work, and we’re going to spend less than half as much during the first year. Once all the promotional prices go away, we’ll still be paying less than two-thirds what we were paying before. We’re happy. Plus, with my lovely DVR, Mr. Twistie will never be forced to sit through another episode of Project Runway. I can watch it after he goes to bed or the next day.

    I’m thankful for for ONCE, when Project Runway had a ‘real woman’ challenge last night, not only did the designer dressing the thinnest woman not win, there was almost no wailing and gnashing of teeth over the horror of dressing (GASP!) women larger than size 4! In fact, the winning design was on one of the larger women, and the designer who dressed the thinnest woman was the one sent home for making her look like a hooker. A couple designers said frankly that they weren’t used to dressing larger women, but they seemed to mostly take it as a challenge rather than entrance to the deepest circle of the Inferno. Was it perfect? Hardly. OTOH, it was soooooo much better than it has been in seasons past that I feel like celebrating a tidge.

    I’m thankful for my evil little orange kitty who has been remarkably patient this week even though I’ve cooped him up in the bedroom a lot while people tromped in and out of the house setting up cable connections. He’s usually quite skittish, so I’m glad he’s been taking his little chill pills (I hasten to add that these are entirely imaginary chill pills, not real drugs) and not working his tiny knickers into a twist.

  2. So glad you are almost over your cold….seems like it lingered. My doc says those of us with asthma can expect colds to last 50% longer than those without…..*sigh*.

    Congrats on the great conference!!

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