Friday Fluff

Okay, y’all, this week has been depressing. First Michelle Obama wants to make fat kids thin through the magic of exercise.   Then the media asserts that deaths from alcoholic liver disease are due to childhood obesity and talks about diet and exercise for kids as if it’s never been done before and all of this reminds me of how every diet I’ve been on eventually resulted in more weight gain, which, hello, dieting [is] actually a consistent predictor of future weight gain.

All of which makes me cranky as hell.

Plus Google appears to be outing privacy information via Buzz and Reader and my hip hurts from the bed I slept in for 4 nights almost two weeks ago.

So when something comes along that makes me smile?  I’m going to share.

Barbie with a ones and zeros tea, pink glasses, bluetooth, and pink laptop

Computer. Engineer. Barbie.

Do you have anything fun and fluffy for today?

Update: Harriet Jacobs of Fugitivus got quoted in the New York Times.



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3 responses to “Friday Fluff”

  1. the_wanlorn Avatar

    Because I’m a transfer student, even though I’ve been in a university since fall 2004, I’m stuck taking English 102 and Public Speaking. Our first essays (on a social issue) and speeches (anything so long as it’s an informative speech) came due this week. It was incredibly depressing how many people chose “childhood obesity and how to combat it” for the former and “This is how to lose weight effectively through eat less exercise more!” for the latter.

    I really wish I had the courage to come in prepared with studies and such and call bullshit. And get rid of the little voice in the back of my head going “Well, if you were thin, you could do it, but right now if you say something everyone’s just going to go ‘lol defensive/reaching/justifying fatty’ and you’ll do more harm than good.”

    And I want to go up to these girls and shake them and be like “There is so much more to life than how much you weigh.” I really hope that I’m just jumping to conclusions because I only see them in these two specific contexts.

  2. O.C. Avatar

    Oh, Wanlorn, I hope you give that speech. It might not get through to everyone, but maybe it will START to get through to ONE person. You might make a difference. And even if you don’t, what have you got to lose? These people’s opinions of you don’t matter.

    I just have to laugh (bitterly) at the idea that we are all just defensive and looking for excuses to stay fat. C’mon — If it were in fact possible, who would be MORE motivated to get thin than a fat woman? Why would we look for excuses to avoid the whole of pop culture and the medical and political establishments picking on us ALL the time? We’d LOVE to avoid that! Trust me, if we coulda’ done it we woulda’. GAH.

  3. Veronica Avatar

    I’ve been fat all my life and they made us exercise in school daily plus with all the running around after school and on weekends, that was plenty of exercise and I didn’t lose weight.

    I don’t like Google buzz either, I turned it off.

    What made me happy this week is the new adoptables from Farmville like the ugly duckling and the turtle :)

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