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Happy President’s Day!

As American holidays go, President’s Day isn’t as frequently observed as, oh, Thanksgiving.   But I do get the day off, and I am definitely enjoying the 3-day weekend.

Whether you’re at home or work, I thought something to laugh about might be good.  So here is Tom Smith singing his song “Spoiler Alert” (lyrics).

(Tom is an independent artist who sells his albums online :)

4 responses to “Happy President’s Day!”

  1. Ha! I have a horrible cold and got about 3 hours of sleep last night, and I so needed a laugh first thing this morning.

  2. Dykestra's Algorithm Avatar
    Dykestra's Algorithm

    &Tom Smith; For some reason, that song triggers a memory in me about a song about a famous scientist, possibly about microscopes. It’s now going to drive me crazy all day that I can’t figure out what the song is.

    1. His comic opera involves mad scientists. Probably others that I’m not familiar with…

      Tom also sang the male half of the “Another Mad Science Love Song” duet with Seanan McGuire. You can hear an excerpt at

  3. Awesome song, thanks for sharing!

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