What’s Up With You?

Hi y’all. Feel like it’s been a while since I had a real post. So.

  • Still here.
  • Still fat.

What’s changed:

Started walking again. The hip pain I referenced about 10 days ago?  Still here.  Still decreasing, thank heavens, but still here.  I took nearly two weeks off from walking every day.  I have begun doing very short walks again, and have continued to do leg lifts and extra stairs and other strength exercises.   Pro: Knees are fine, hip is improving, going for walks again.  Con: New Year’s resolution didn’t make it past 1 month.   Oh well :)

The music convention 2 weeks ago was notable for lack of knee pain and ease of walking (at least until the bed screwed up my hip).  I also realized, partway through Friday’s setup, that I hadn’t needed to use my inhaler Friday or during Thursday’s carry-lots-of-things mission. I took this to mean my current asthma preventive regime* is working well.   :)

We have decided to not renew our membership at Fitness World, mainly because we haven’t been using it much.  This is probably as much a factor of it’s location as anything else — I have been using the much smaller gym at work, which I think is telling.  The man of the house is both going for walks and walking more at his job (he’s in a hillier part of Seattle).

Spring appears to have come to Seattle.  The roses in our yard have new growth and the neighbor’s rhododendron is in full bloom.  Today the man of the house stooped down to the wildly blooming heather and admonished, “It’s February.”   I don’t think it cared.   Hence my updating the blog banner.

I’ve been getting new clothing catalogs and … I’m really glad I have plenty of clothing already.  How terrible is that?  I’m not seeing much that I would want to wear, much less buy.  (This IS great for my savings account.)  I’m also being a bit crafty — my pants tend to develop wear holes around the pockets first, so I’ve been mending them.

In other crafty news: I’m knitting a dark gray, nearly black, scarf.  The pattern isn’t much (knit first 2 stitches; knit 2 together, yarn over, repeat to 2 stitches from the end of the row; knit last 2 stitches) but I’m having fun.  An advantage to knitting it myself is that I can make it as long as I’d like, to fit my torso and frame. :)

Valentine’s Day was pretty low-key this year.  We went out for a nice seafood dinner (with appetizers and dessert sampler) Thursday, in part because Thursday tends to be a much-less-busy night for going out.   (Practicality wins.)  But we had a nice relaxed weekend, too.

I’ve started doing my taxes with TurboTax, but I’m a little nervous that I haven’t gotten a 1040 booklet in the mail.  Are they not sending them this year?

I routinely feel I’m not getting quite enough sleep during the week.  I’m starting to inch my bedtime earlier again.

How’s with you all?

*Current asthma routine: Advair 250/50 twice a day; Singulair once a day; Allegra once a day; Albuterol inhaler as needed.



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13 responses to “What’s Up With You?”

  1. Fantine Avatar

    Glad your hip is feeling better. I just started going to the gym again after my boss got a corporate membership. I love the weight machines, which really help me work out the tension in my upper back and shoulders.

    I’ve been filing my taxes online since I got married in 2004, and I haven’t gotten a booklet in the mail since 2005. Did you use TurboTax last year too? Maybe that’s why you haven’t gotten a booklet.

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Weights are fun!

      I thought TurboTax might be it. Funny thing is it always crashes when I try to actually print, so I end up filling out the forms anyway.

  2. Noel Lynne Figart Avatar

    You know the three rules for choosing a gym, right?

    1. Choose one close to your home or work.
    2. Choose one close to your home or work.
    3. Choose one close to your home or work.

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      :) Less than 2 miles from home, but still not more convenient than the free one at work. Especially now that the landlord put in more useful equipment.

  3. JMS Avatar

    They only send the booklets to people who filed by mail the previous year now. (But if you’ve been filing by mail, you should have gotten one!)

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      I thought I was, but may be I e-filed last year. Oh well, I should just do them anyway — it’s not like I can’t get the forms in PDF.

  4. nycivan Avatar

    thanks for this post. I have been trying to get motivated to do some walking everyday and get to the pool which I joined at the beginning of the month but I yet to get to. This is the first time I am wanting to do movement for the health benefit of it without any “I am going to lose weight” energy….. what a relief. I still am struggling to get the movement in. I am being easy with myself about it… similar to the food, I eat what I want, when I want, as much as I want. With movement, what I want is bigger lung capacity, (I haven’t used the puffer in 10 days yay!) What I want is more stamina so I can go back to dance class. What I want is the balance and strength to ride a bicycle around town which i movement that I love.

    I got eight blocks walking done yesterday (used the walker and a dose of pain meds- but I moved yestereday.. today nothing though.

    I also find that being gentle with myself when a day goes by where I am not moving around much, that I stay positive and optimistic instead of self loathing and punishing.

    Grateful for your blog and the opportunity to chat about this stuff!!!



    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Hi Ivan! I’m glad you are comfortable chatting about it here. Walking daily helped me to not need my cane, but do take it easy. I spent weeks walking the same little distance (2 blocks, .3 mile) so as to be able to do it every day. Then went up to .4, then .5.

      Re: swimming, do you have swim trunks or bike shorts you like?

      1. nycivan Avatar

        I do have swim trunks I am comfortable in. I have an Ostomy so I cannot wear tight fitting bike shorts. thanks for the advice for taking it easy. this is my plan exactly.

  5. Regina T Avatar
    Regina T

    Thanks for the update on how you’ve been doing! I’ve missed you :)
    Just so ya know…because of you, I walk around my neighborhood now. It’s a quarter mile around and hilly, but I think of my “sister-fatty” fondly during my walk. I bring my 112 lb. yellow Lab Murphy (who has arthritis and is 12 years old) to keep me balanced, and even sometimes the hubby. I am winded. My feet ache and my back hurts almost immediately…but I’m moving again regularly in large part because of you.

    Maybe one day we can have a walk together :)

    Thanks for your inspiration.

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Oh, wow, I’m honored that you’re seeing me as an inspiration. I hope the back and feet adjust! If not you might want try new shoes? Or putting your feet up after a walk?

  6. […] Living 400lbs| Leave a comment …I started a program of walking every day.   I didn’t keep up with it being a daily walk, but I did get consistent enough in walking and strength training that I did not have to use a cane […]

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