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Thankful Thursday

[a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude]

1)  I did one of my shorter walking routes at work yesterday.  A little over a third of a mile, but longer than I walked yesterday and Tuesday.  Kept reminding myself to keep my stride short (long strides irritate my hip) and that I’m supposed to be easing back into daily walking.  But still! I did it!

2) … and I was able to walk in sunshine after 5pm.  (“Light after 5pm” has become a marker, for me, that “the worst of winter is over”.)

3) … I got to watch a duck play in the creek; I spotted daffodils blooming; and some of the trees along the road are starting to bloom.

4)  The hip pain varies, but is often better after walking or otherwise moving around.  Lifting my leg sideways is getting easier too.  Back pain is pretty much gone (yay core exercises).

5) Nobody in my immediate circle is sick.   This is after a couple months where I or the man of the house or a close friend (or all of the above) had some sort of virus.  Fortunately I managed to squeak by with just getting sick once.

ETA a big huge #6:  I did NOT crash into the car which came to a full stop on the highway this morning as it was trying to merge into the next lane.   I stood on my brakes, but I did NOT crash into it and nobody crashed into me.

3 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. i totally agree with the “yay sunshine after 5p” sentiment.

    and today…as every day for the past to years i am thankfor for bob and my 2 little girls.

  2. I am very glad that you are safe & that your reflexes allowed you to avoid an accident. That is indeed something for which to be thankful. I also am thankful for my loved ones, as well as the past several weeks of unusually mild winter weather for Maine, a mostly bare driveway & sidewalks, & the chance to get out & walk.

  3. I love watching ducks. That just makes my day.

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