Virtual Window Shopping: Hammock, Anyone?


This hammock at Living XL and rated to 600lbs.  Of course, when add you the hammock and the stand together it’s $390 plus shipping (if you’re feeling self-indulgent you can add the weather-resistant pillow for another $70).

They also have a wooden stand (450lb capacity) which looks similar to one at Frontgate.

Of course, then I remember that I live in Seattle, so not only would it be useful for a rather limited amount of the year, I’d have to drag it indoors for storage in the off-season.  Le sigh.

Living XL also has exercise equipment (including fit balls rated to 1000lbs), bikes, clothing, and other useful items for people of size.







8 responses to “Virtual Window Shopping: Hammock, Anyone?”

  1. Kim Avatar

    I’ve bought some bath towels from them. The towels are large enough to fit around me. They are of very good quality and have worn well (bought them 2 years ago).

  2. Lori Avatar

    I’d love a hammock. I think I’d look a little silly hanging out in it in my backyard in Detroit, though. ;)

  3. Anna Avatar

    Damnit I really want a hammock. One that could support two people would be super rad as well. Hammock cuddles!

  4. Veronica Avatar

    *yikes* I’m scared of falling off those things

    1. Amy How Avatar
      Amy How

      Me too! I cannot image enjoying something that could cause me to be clumsy while laying down. I have enough trouble being clumsy while upright not taking any chances of falling while horizontal.

  5. RNegade Avatar

    Ooooo! I’ve always wanted one of those balls but was afraid it would POP! (with me on it, ouch!) You should be getting your sales commish any day now. :D

  6. Stef Avatar

    I have a hammock and stand from LL Bean that are somewhat cheaper than the LivingXL version. I only use it a few times a year but I’m glad I have it.

    (I don’t drag them indoors during the off season, and as a result they are pretty ratty looking, but they still work.)

    It holds me and my girlfriend just fine (combined weight of over 500 lbs).

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Part of why I pointed out the Frontgate one is that Living XL isn’t always bigger or sturdier. Good to know the LL Bean works too :)

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