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Music Monday

…I spent the weekend running around a fan convention.*  Today is my “recuperation” day before I return to work.  One would think I could write a great article today, but … no.  I can’t brain today, I haz the dumb.

So instead, here’s a sweet song about fandom.

Sung by: Vixy & Tony
Written by: Tom Smith and Ron Balder.

*…and if you are curious about fan conventions, check out Donna Andrews’ mystery We’ll Always Have Parrots, set at a fan convention. The webcomic Unshelved also did a take on We’ll Always Have Parrots for its book club.

2 responses to “Music Monday”

  1. Man, it feels like there were a zillion cons this weekend (last weekend? …yesterday and the day before). All the people I follow are going talking about them. :D

  2. Bravo for conventions. :) And extra bravo for the necessary Convention Recovery Time. (I seriously booked an extra day off work so I could rest up from a recent 4-day LARP convention… Ain’t no party like a geek party, that’s all I’m sayin’.)

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