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Virtual Window Shopping: New at Making it Big

tie-dye shirt

[Virtual Window Shopping is looking at supersize / extended size clothing that I think is nifty.  Preferably modeled by fat people.]

In the last few years I’ve been acquiring more tie-dye shirts. I think it’s partly that they tend to be a subtly variegated pattern, and I prefer the subtle patterns (at least in everyday life – for workouts I’m tempted by things like this in orange and hot pink).

The shirt at left is very tempting, in part because it’s not a typical t-shirt, meaning it has darts and shaping, as well as a nice subtle pattern.  It’s also hand-dyed, made in the US, and $75, so I probably won’t be getting it.

I also tend to be tempted by dresses and skirts with pockets, like the one at right.  However I am reminding myself that I already have a couple dresses with pockets, I have skirts with pockets, and I don’t wear dresses or skirts very much.  So I don’t need this one, especially since jewel and crew necks don’t always like me.  Really.

FYI for those who have been dismayed that Making it Big is mostly supersizes: they have reworked their smaller sizes to be more fitted.  Their 22-24 and 26-28 equivalents have been split into 22, 24, 26 and 28 equivalents.  However they still aren’t going smaller than size 22.   Their size chart is here.

FYI, I tend to wear a G (tops) or H (bottoms) in their sizing.

5 responses to “Virtual Window Shopping: New at Making it Big”

  1. MIB runs just a tidge larger than me… or I run just a tidge smaller than their clothes, alas. I love all the tie dye and the dresses with pockets. Sigh.

    Still, I cannot begrudge these fab and gear clothes to my larger sisters. And the nice thing about window shopping is that it doesn’t have to fit me perfectly.

    1. JupiterPluvius Avatar

      Yes, I kind of love that there’s a store where I am having the “nothing here fits me!” angst instead of my size 32 friends having it.

  2. I love looking at the MIB catalog/website – the models look gorgeous in the clothes and look genuinely pleased to be modeling, not like most catalogs where it’s obvious it’s a job.

    I wish I could afford more of their clothing too :) The stuff I have bought is wonderful – and I realized the other day that the shirt I was wearing was one I had bought almost 10 years ago and still looks pretty darn good. And their swimsuits are amazingly comfortable. But, yeah, expensive! ::sigh::

    I need to win the lottery… Oh, yeah, I’d actually have to start playing…

  3. Yes, I got their first catalog yesterday with the sizing for those of us toward the ‘smaller’ end of their range. I ordered a pair of their new five-pocket jeans, which are not in yet, so I will have to wait probably two-three weeks before they get here. It will likely be my last clothing extravagance for years, so I am hoping that they will fit well & wear well.

    MIB clothes have always been too big for me &, until the things I saw in the new catalog, what I considered to be too stereotypically ‘fat lady’ in their styling, but the jeans look to be well-made & attractive, so I figured that I would give them a shot. After I get them & have a chance to give them a trial run, I will try to stop back & let you know how I like them. I ordered the new size “C” & I will admit that it is a new experience for me to need to order the SMALLEST size someone makes.

  4. I just got the five-pocket jeans & I am wearing them now. I ordered “C”, which is actually labeled 20W, & most of my other jeans, as from Torrid or Baby Phat, are 22W, while, for some reason, at Lane Bryant, I need a 24W. These do run one size large because of the ‘tummy’ panel, they fit well & are very comfortable. I will keep them & wear them occasionally, but my personal preference is for the skinny jeans I have bought at Torrid & Baby Phat, so my only issue with these jeans, aside from the price, of course, is that they are bootleg. There is ample room in the legs for women who have larger legs than I do (I was an hourglass, am now an apple, & have legs/hips which are proportionately slim for my size) & if you prefer a bootleg jean, you should like these.

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