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Virtual Window Shopping: SWAK

[Virtual Window Shopping is looking at supersize / extended size clothing that I think is nifty.  Preferably modeled by fat people.]

Does the blue-and-white top at right look like a “crew neck” to you?  Because — while I like the top, which is from Sealed With A Kiss Designs (SWAK for short) I gotta say that looks more like a scoop neck to me.

I’m curious as to what the texture of this is like, since it looks like a basic knit top, but is described as a “burnout” top.

The top comes in cotton/poly/spandex, sizes 1x-5x, in a couple different colors. Also in a v-neck.   It’s currently on sale for $21.99.

I also like this rather more elegant v-neck blouse, although I wonder if the V of this particular v-neck might be a bit too deep on me.  (I have a lot of boob, and thus a lot of cleavage.)

My practical side also notes it’s a bit too “evening dressy” for my job (it would be fine for “office” with a jacket — but usually a jacket is too formal for my current job).

But it IS lovely, and has a cool-but-not-too-out-there asymmetrical hem, even if it’s not really practical for my current life.   It comes in sizes 1X-7X for $38.00.

10 responses to “Virtual Window Shopping: SWAK”

  1. I would call the blue and white top a scoop neck. Crew is closer to the neck.

    I love the vee neck blouse. Very elegant lines.

  2. Love the first top, but I agree it looks like a scoop neck. I really like the purple version of it, but I don’t think I can justify buying any clothes right now–especially not long-sleeved shirts when it’s (hopefully) so close to not needing them for a while.

    I like the second top, too, but I never have luck with those sorts of cross-front, empire-waist shirts. They tend to want to open up completely and I have to pin the neckline to keep my boobs from falling right out, which always makes the shirt look a little weird. It looks great on the model, though, and I think I like the asymmetrical bottom. I’d have no occasional to wear something that fancy, though, even when I’m teaching, and right now I’m just home and not really wearing anything that I don’t mind getting spit-up on.

  3. I have a shirt with “burnout” sleeves, and while it is a basic knit, the burnout portions (the white bits) are just a much thinner version of the knit and are actually see-through. For that reason, I would hesitate to buy a shirt made entirely of burnout material. The one you’ve posted is very pretty, though! I hate when very pretty stuff is also totally impractical!

  4. Definitely a scoop neck.

    Also, I found SWAK’s sizing way off –I normally wear a 3X and their 5Xes are too small for me around the belly/hips (although according to the measurements listed the skirts should have fit…but my normally-3X measurements came out to a 5X)

    1. I haven’t tried on SWAK, but yes, I was wondering about the sizing. Their 5X bust is 50-56″, which should fit me, but their waist is 48-52″, which wouldn’t. So it would depend on how it’s fitted.

      (Also some companies intend the measurements as body measurements, for others it’s more clothing measurements. Not to mention differences in ease!)

  5. I would have to wear a cami underneath the second top. I also have too much boob, which leads to a pet peeve about plus-size clothes—so much of the tops are deep V’s. I know this is done on purpose to make us look slimmer, but if you are very top heavy and modest, you have to wear something else underneath so you don’t spill over. Not to mention, they assume all big gals have the boobs to match, which isn’t the case.

  6. I’ve read that the SWAK measurements are garment measurements.

    Two other warnings: I’d ordered a dress from them last year. I’m pretty busty, but not extraordinarily so, compared to other fat chicks. The dress was definitely cut for someone flatter chested. The waistband pulled up to the point that it crossed the peak of my bust! So ugly!

    When I returned the dress I found out that although the page on which that dress was listed said prominently “100% money back guarantee!” that sale items are NOT eligible for a money back return, but only a credit. Which doesn’t do you a lot of good when their clothes aren’t cut to fit you.

    So just be cautious when ordering from them.

  7. Definitely a scoop neck. Crew necks are way, way closer to the neck (that’s why I hate them). That’s a great shirt, by the way. If it wasn’t coming up on summer and I had money, I’d totally buy it.

  8. You could not have picked a better day to talk about SWAK. I was just on their site looking for a dress that will work for a Memorial Day wedding (I think it’s outside) and is also something I can wear to work functions. Something inbetween dressy and causal. I think there was a couple of dresses that I sort of liked, but nothing that jumped out at me screaming “Buy This”

    I’m curious about what other stores you might enjoy for the extra plus size. My hips/butt are definitely a 32/34, but I’m not busty, more like a 26/28. I don’t have exact measurements right now. I bought a dress from The Avenue that was a thin strap dress in a size 32. The skirt was slightly tight but the bust…I tried to have it tailored, but it was a mess and I ended up having to pin it in place and it looked strange up close.

    One of the sites I visited (or something like that), they had a nice body size chart and I guess because my chest is not as big as my hips think they should be I’m a triangle. I’m looking at some wrap dresses and some rusched dresses. I work with fashion people so I’m getting some input from them about what shapes are good for me.

    What I’m curious about it is what sites do you like to shop at. I’m definitely 32-34 in pants/skirts, but more like 30 for shirts (except in the hips, which are making me nuts). I’m use to Lane Bryant and Catherine’s and The Avenue, but they just aren’t big enough anymore. (or right at the point of no-return). I know I’m not alone in being frustrated, but some of these sites are completely new to me and I’m hoping that you can educate me. I’m hoping to buy better fitting clothes that are more fashionable than what I’ve been wearing to work and need to know what sites are good and which ones I should stay away from.


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