New Clothes

Blue Reagan Top - Image from catalog
Blue Reagan Top – Image from catalog

Okay, y’all, I did it.  I bought clothing.  I haven’t done this in ages.

In mid-June, I got a pair of 4x gingham trim capris on sale from the local Catherine’s.  I got them in anticipation of warm weather, and I’m not thrilled with how they’ve shrunk.  They’re rather like leggings that end just below the knee, but they do have pockets, which is nice.  So I’d give them a C.

In late June I turned more expensive and ordered a pair of Making It Big’s Favorite Knit Pants in brown.  These are NOT cheap ($65) but my bought-years-ago pair of brown knit pants were dying.  Sure, I’d mended holes along the pockets (yes, I put things in my pockets) and the crotch seams.  But I was also wearing holes along the top of the waistband, and that’s harder to fix.

The sizing was another challenge. I have these pants in both size G and H.  H feels loose when I put them on and looser-unto-falling-off after a few hours — and that’s after I’ve taken in the waistband a couple inches.  The G, meanwhile, is much more fitted, and in fact, when I bought them I thought they were too small.  So I took a deep breath and ordered the brown pair in size … G. And I thought they were too small when I got them.  I think they were too small, in that the top fit like leggings.  But after a few hours of (careful) walking and stretching I found they fit much more comfortably.  At the moment I’m very happy with them.  B+

My fave so far though is this blue top, also from Making It Big.  It’s $15 because it shrinks more and is shorter than allowed by their official specs, and they allow returns on it after it’s been washed.  I was okay with it being fitted, but ordered an H in case of shrinkage. It’s a fairly thick knit and feels wonderful.  I could’ve lived without the (real) buttons, but they’re not making me crazy either.  :)  A-







4 responses to “New Clothes”

  1. Patricia Avatar

    That is a really good color on you!

    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      That’s actually not me – that’s the photo from the catalog website. :)

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  3. notblueatall Avatar

    I like that top, very cute. Thanks for these reviews. I’ve never bought from either of those companies before. Good to know! =0)

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