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  • Vitamin B12. Joy.

    Researchers have found a possible link between lack of vitamin B12 in early life and insulin resistance later.  (Link has both video and text; video does at times assume fat is a problem, but overall explores why type 2 diabetes is not brought on by eating too much.) I’ve written before about being deficient in […]

  • Vitamin B12 in the news

    I’ve written about my vitamin B12 absorption problem before.  The NY Times recently posted a good primer on B12 deficiencies, including those at risk: Natural plant sources are meager at best in B12, and the vitamin is poorly absorbed from them. […C]hronic users of acid-suppressing drugs like Prilosec, Prevacid and Nexium, as well as ulcer […]

  • Note to Self

    Dear Self – Yes, if you are going to spend your weekend wandering around a warehouse helping to make a music / circus / vendor event happen, then by all means, take an extra B12 if you think it will help.  Even an extra 2500-iu, if that’s what you have handy… But don’t be surprised […]

  • Meds: There’s a Reason I Take Them

    It’s amazing how my morning can go from “bleah” and “moving sucks” to “this feels right pleasant” and “let’s get stuff done” just by taking my meds. The asthma meds in particular make carrying laundry up/down the stairs and changing sheets much easier, but the vitamin B12 and D also does a lot for my […]

  • An “Oh!” Moment

    Today I was reflecting on the history of my knee/leg problems, starting with injuring my right leg and knee when I started an exercise program in July of 07.  I attributed this to starting with a more strenuous program than I could handle. Why did I start an exercise program in July of 07?  Because: […]

  • Day in the Life: Vitamins

    I posted yesterday that I finally admitted that I have asthma and began using an inhaler before exercising. Walking uphill became easier. The second change came a few days later, when the new ARNP got the results of my blood tests. “You have a severe vitamin B12 deficiency. Do you eat eggs and meat? Or […]