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Virtual Window Shopping: Tie Dye

Violet Night Tee
Violet Night Tee

[Virtual Window Shopping is looking at supersize / extended size clothing that I think is nifty.  Preferably modeled by fat people.]

I confess: I am in lust with this violet and black tie-dye tee.   Mostly I love the colors and abstract color patterning – I like that it’s not a uniform print, or if it is, it’s  a large enough print that it doesn’t look cookie-cutter.

I also like the longish (33″) length and 100% cotton.  I’m not sure about the neckline, but overall I like it, though not $59 worth…and there’s the whole “I have lots of clothing already” thing.

PJs or pants?
PJs or pants?

I’m also tempted to get a pair of these tie-dye pajama bottoms, despite the fact that I never wear pajamas.  I wouldn’t wear them as pajama bottoms, I’d wear them as pants, because they would be fun – and $15.99 ($12.99 for smaller sizes) is a nice price.

But I’ve learned that I rarely wear bottoms without pockets, no matter how cool they look, so I’m not going to order them.


8 responses to “Virtual Window Shopping: Tie Dye”

  1. I’m with you about that tye died shirt. It’s really adorable but I sure cannot afford $59 for anything like that. These days it’s hard to put food on the table and keep up with repairs on this ramshackle house! I’m sure there are many more people in the same situation.

  2. What you can do is get a white Tee that you like and then tie dye it yourself… unique and doesn’t cost 59 dollars. A kit around here costs 15 bucks at the craft store. Just stay away from rit dye.

    1. a white Tee that you like

      Tees that are cut for a size 30/32 or 34/36 with 44DDD breasts are not cheap and not something I want to potentially ruin. I’ve also done enough tie-dye in the past to know I’d probably end up with a few duds I wouldn’t want to wear for each one I did like.

      For those who aren’t my size: “proper” t-shirts, meaning a tight crew neck and the same size back and front, generally don’t fit because the same size back and front don’t fit someone with a DDD chest. Either the necks strangle me or I go up a few sizes and the whole thing looks like a tent. (I did have a few years where I could only buy clothes at men’s big and tall stores before I found more catalogs.) The only v-necks I could find at a big & tall store were actual undershirts, meaning, see-through and every bra seam shows too.

      It’s just one of those things where everyone thinks it’s cheaper than it is. Maybe it’s cheaper if you can find good shirts at a thrift store, but the local thrift stores are, again, Yet Another Clothing Store where nothing’s in my size.

      [Comment edited to try to explain why this pushed my buttons.]

  3. I loooooove those tie-dye pajama pants! If they came in longer inseams, I’d buy one of every color!

  4. I love those tie-dyed pants! I think they would make great casual pants.

    1. Me too! Except…no pockets :(

      (I know from experience that if the choice is “pants/shorts/skirt with pockets vs pants/shorts/skirt without pockets”, pockets wins. :)

  5. I make tie dyes in sizes up to adult 6XL. I only use 100% Cotton Tagless Hanes Beefy-T’s so they’ll be around for years to come. My site is My Tie Dyes. I am always willing to do custom tie dyes with no extra charge. I always keep current contact info on the contact page. I am also willing to answer questions regarding making tie dyes for anyone interested in doing their own.

  6. I actually have those pants- I can’t sleep these days if I’m not wearing PJ pants so I have several pairs. I almost lost it when I accidentally left my beloved purple tie dye pants at a hotel and never got them back, but I just bought another pair. Looove them.

    My only real complaint is that the drawstring isn’t an actual drawstring that goes all the way through- it’s just 2 strings anchored in the side seams and threaded through the front casing. Silly.

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