A Year or Two Ago…

Just over a year ago we were remembering the deaths of people who were “too fat” to evacuate after Katrina.

Later that week I wrote a post on buying plane tickets that still gets a number of hits.

Two years ago I wrote one of this blog’s most-googled/viewed posts.  (Why “fat woman sex” is one of the perennials of the search terms is not for me to answer.)  I also got a bit nostalgic about the well-drawn fat women in Dykes To Watch Out For.



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4 responses to “A Year or Two Ago…”

  1. Regina T Avatar
    Regina T

    That Katrina article really haunted me. Because I read that article here, I had my husband and my RN daughter read it and had a lengthy discussion about how I would like them to advocate for me if I were incapacitated. I also forwarded it to my sister, who is a nursing Professor at a university in Indiana. She used it as required reading for her classes so that she could discuss the importance of evaluating patients during triage and emergency medicine. She also had a whole lecture discussing ethics in the health care setting in regards to the obese patient and people’s perceptions. She is also morbidly obese and has dieted (and still does) for 40….yes 4-0 years. I used to steal her Ayds diet candy when I was a kid. She even took Phen-Fen for a time and has heart issues because of it. I love her dearly, but we have had some interesting conversations about dieting…as in….I don’t diet anymore and since our body types are similar she thinks I should try “lifestyle change XYZ” because being fat means I’m unhealthy! This from a woman who has worked for 30 years as a nurse or nursing teacher. She’s finally coming around to accepting my assertions that one’s health cannot be exclusively measured by the number on a scale, but still believes it’s “a factor in evaluating overall health”…..which I suppose can be true in situations that can prove a direct link to a disease/disorder/health problem (i.e. venous insufficiency, MAYBE joint problems, MAYBE fatty liver disease, whatever the case may be in one’s individual situation). When she encourages me to look into, say, The Dr. AMEN clinics, or Nutrisystem, my response is always this: I’m no longer interested in reducing my weight, but I AM open to seeking ways to be more flexible, building stamina, and feeling physically more capable and stronger overall.

    …..and your post on fatties having sex is still the best “reference” post I’ve read for people my size..hands down. ;)

    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      I’m glad the post inspired you to talk with your family about “what ifs”. FYI, while there haven’t been many comments here or new comments in the Katrina post, the stats widget tells me a lot of people linked over to the Fatistician post.

      I’m glad you like the sex post :) I’m just surprised that it’s a perennially popular one!

  2. onesownkitchen Avatar

    Totally off-topic: Look at that, a blog. Nothing posted in it, yet, but I’m working on the first couple. Like I said, I want to have a bit of a cushion before I actually start posting. Still, there it is, looks like I’m doing this thing.

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