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… and believe me I am still alive

A few things

1, I am feeling sort of “stuck” these days and it’s getting to the point where it’s pissing me off.

2, A comment in the spam filter got me giggling when it talked about how I might not lose much weight if I exercised but if I were to start exercising I would lose fat in my muscles.   Because OF COURSE I have a menu item on “Exercise” because I absolutely never ever exercise, and OF COURSE losing fat is the only valid reason to exercise.  Improved endurance, strength, balance, cardiovascular system — those are unimportant.  (Or maybe they’re only important for men, whose bodies have utilitarian uses?  Not sure.)

3, Lose fat in my muscles.  Oy.  I don’t think I’d actually heard that one before.

4, This piece on Mike & Molly isn’t bad in how it discusses fat people on TV.  No idea if Mike & Molly is really any good.

5, Naafa linked to a post on obesity’s role in healthcare inflation (short form: not much).

6, I liked this piece on frequent traveler and business owner Lisa Welchman, and how she copes with stress through meditation.

7, I’m bored with my yoga DVD and the man of the house is watching some new show on the main TV, so I’m going to see if I can convince the old TV to talk to the VCR again so I can do an aerobics tape.   It may be time to find a way to transfer the VHS stuff I can’t get on DVD to my computer.

5 responses to “A few things”

  1. A recommendation for transferring video around is AVS4You. It’s pretty full featured software that isn’t crazy expensive. (I’m not affiliated in any way with them, just a satisfied customer.) I used it to copy some old VHS onto DVD and to make some other exercise DVDs. As far as hooking the computer up to the various components so I can record, I have no idea how that works, that’s just one of the millions of reasons I married my awesome husband. :)

  2. If that spammer had just once perused your blog, they would have realized that you ALREADY EXERCISE! And for your own reasons that include awesome things like being stronger and having more stamina and stuff. Is that not good enough? Apparently not…because now you not only have to START exercising, you also have to seek to LOSE FAT IN YOUR MUSCLES! I wouldn’t even know how one would even BEGIN to measure that. Sheesh…..
    As for feeling “stuck”….not sure what you’re referring to here, but I’m in the same boat in regards to my mood. The gray days just zap my spirits away and cause me to want to crawl into my bed and sleep….which pisses me off too! Popping Vit D and staying up on my vitamins helps….but I need a steady dose of sunshine until I can ease into my “winter” mood.

    Hope you can ride this out :)

    1. If that spammer had just once perused your blog, they would have realized that you ALREADY EXERCISE!

      Exactly! And that I exercise for reasons that give me satisfaction. I don’t care if my thighs are “marbled”. I care if they’re strong.

      Re: feeling stuck, it’s mostly an emotional thing. Fall is here and my allergies are having their turn-of-the-season-freakout. I’m also frustrated at work and send out some resumes — and I haven’t gotten any callbacks, which is also discouraging. So, kind of a combination of factors.

      Your mentioning vitamin D reminds me I should probably schedule my annual exam sometime in the next month or two too.

  3. Ive watched mike and molly and it really promotes alot of good things about sself confidence and being a bigger person :) kinda like you do. i wanna thank you for having the attitude you do because youve saved alot of us other who dont have that kind of self confidence .

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