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A year or two ago …

Two years ago, I wrote 2 of the most-read posts of this blog: on stress incontinence and jock itch.   I worked hard on both of those posts. I was a bit embarrassed to admit they were problems I deal with, but I also felt that writing a bad post on either would be worse than not writing them at all.  Take of that what you will…. ;)

Also I posted about an interesting glimpse “behind the scenes” at how the CDC lowered the weight at which people are considered “overweight or “obese”, courtesy of the book Health At Every Size.

4 responses to “A year or two ago …”

  1. Hi. I don’t comment often but I do read every post, and I just wanted to say that your blog is a blessing and both you and your wonderful writing are much appreciated. :D

  2. Yeah, I brought up the BMI change process in a Public Health Nursing class (where “evidence based practice” is enshrined), and most students simply refused to entertain the idea that the CDC (not the holy CDC!) would make a decision that wasn’t based on sound, solid, scientific, carefully-researched, logical findings. Ugh.

    But later, when the discussion turned to actual BMI numbers, and many of the same students discovered that their very own beautiful bodies were classified as “overweight” or even (horrors!) “obese”, I could see the cognitive dissonance creeping across their faces. That was a vivid illustration of what these insane numbers do to people.

  3. Your candor and openness to sharing both the simple and complicated happenings in your life are what make your blog so enjoyable to read~! I remember reading that jock itch post and thinking “OMG! I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!” which in turn helped me shed the attitude that any problem I had HAS to be because I’m fat..and that whole downward spiral of identifying only as fat. You rock!
    It amazes me how many people DON’T know that the BMI scale changed overnight. It makes more sense that the CDC would adopt a larger range as being healthy because Americans were getting larger (like what-7lbs on average?). Especially if the numbers they were seeing indicated that life expectancy was increasing. Thank you CDC!

  4. Jock itch! I just dealt with a case of that for the first time a few weeks ago. Right where my inner thighs rub on the crotch of my panties…yikes, it sucked so hard! I made the mistake of trying to keep it dry using cornstarch, which made the rash go CRAZY. Listerine and Lotrimin are magical.

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