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Note to Self

Dear Self –

Yes, if you are going to spend your weekend wandering around a warehouse helping to make a music / circus / vendor event happen, then by all means, take an extra B12 if you think it will help.  Even an extra 2500-iu, if that’s what you have handy…

But don’t be surprised if you are totally dead in following days when you drop back down.  In fact, it might be a good idea to only drop by 1000-iu at a time.

Feeling stupid for not realizing this sooner,
– Me

8 responses to “Note to Self”

  1. Oh my gos that looks like so much fun.

    Also don’t forget to get some rest to recover.

    1. It was fun. And oh, was I sore Monday ;)

  2. I did not know that B12 had such effects until you posted about it earlier. Interesting!

    My mother and sister have an inherited inability to absorb B12 and both get shots regularly. I seem to have been lucky there. :D

    The gig photos look amazing.

    1. I have a deficiency myself, which I control by taking Large Doses of vitamins. (Apparently I don’t absorb as much as I should, since I was eating almost 100% meat/eggs/cheese when I was diagnosed, but since vitamins “fixed” my test results we’re assuming that I absorb some.)

  3. SO. JEALOUS. I wanted to go to StrowlerCon and Strowler Nights SO BAD. (StrowlerCon had livestreams, at least.)

    tehomet: I have that. Discovered recently. I also have a needle phobia. D:

    1. :) Yeah, I watched some of the StrowlerCon stream. I’m told they got a Strowler Nights stream working part of the time, but it had issues (we were in the middle of a park using a Clearwire connection that wasn’t 100%).

  4. As B vitamins are water soluble don’t you just pee out hat your body can’t use ?

    1. Yes, that’s why I don’t worry about toxicity. I didn’t have a problem taking extra, I had a problem when I dropped back to “normal”.

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