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  • QOTD: Fitness and fatness

    From Reuters, on a study in patients with coronary artery disease that looked at fitness levels and BMI: [Heart specialist and study leader Dr. Francisco] Lopes-Jimenez said, the lesson for patients is clear: try to improve your physical fitness. “It is much easier to become fit than it is to become slim,” he said. “Anybody who… Continue reading

  • Note to Self

    Dear Self – Yes, if you are going to spend your weekend wandering around a warehouse helping to make a music / circus / vendor event happen, then by all means, take an extra B12 if you think it will help.  Even an extra 2500-iu, if that’s what you have handy… But don’t be surprised… Continue reading

  • Exercise and Reinforcing Spirals

    I’ve written about my mother being self-conscious about her fat. Afraid of other people thinking she was fat, afraid of not being able to walk far enough, of not being able to find a chair that fit, of being unable to defend herself if physically attacked. Mom was also self-conscious of being out of shape… Continue reading

  • Is it fat or lack of exercise?

    Lately I’ve felt like the “Maybe you want to exercise?” fairy.  People muse about aches, lack of energy,  difficulty walking, and wonder if it’s weight or just aging…. And I pop in with, “Are you sure it’s not lack of exercise?” Please understand, I’m not actually trying to make people crazy.   See, I’ve weighed over 350lbs… Continue reading

  • Very Obese Adults Almost Completely Sedentary?

    For all the freaking out in the media about the obesity crisis, there’s not much research on folks who are very fat.  So a study on folks with an average BMI of 53 shows some promise…right? Sorry.  The headline: “Very Obese Adults Almost Completely Sedentary“.  I’m not sure how many people are going to read beyond… Continue reading

  • Fit or Not Fit

    This came in as a comment to one of the “Day in the life” posts. One movement involves leaning forward; this irritates my lower back so I substitute something else. Jesus! You’re practically crippled by your weight. A normal person would be able to do this easily. It”s enough of a workout to get my… Continue reading

  • Being Fat and Fit

    I found this on an “expert q&a” on exercise on the New York Times site with Steven Blair, an exercise researcher and former president of the American College of Sports Medicine. Can someone be fat and fit? Yes.  We began in 1995 to look at fitness and fatness as predictors of mortality, separately and together.… Continue reading

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