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Today on Twitter: Body Acceptance

I don’t plan to write a lot of posts about things I say on Twitter, because I figure if you want to read it you’ll read it on Twitter.

But I have a couple today I’d like to share to a wider audience.

Today, Polimicks (of and decided to tweet about body acceptance, using a “#bodyacceptance” tag (which in twitter searches for things with that tag).  Some of the things she tweeted were:

Polimicks#bodyacceptance Don’t know if this tag exists, but it does now. I have some griping to do about diet culture today.

Polimicks#bodyacceptance Diet policing in general, and I know it’s mostly subconscious for a lot of folks.

Polimicks#bodyacceptance The constant, almost subconscious body and diet policing we all do. “Should she be wearing THAT?” So hard to stop.

Polimicks#bodyacceptance Oh, and if you’re only polite to people you find fuckable, you’re an asshole.

I decided to join in.

Living400lbs Why do yet another weight loss resolution? #bodyacceptance

Living400lbs #bodyacceptance RT @JeromeGlassman My “resolution” for the year is to continue practicing #HAES and to try to be kind to my body and myself!

Living400lbs #bodyacceptance RT @HarrietBrown 5 New Year’s resolutions actually worth making:

Living400lbs You only have one body. Why is making peace with it a radical act? #bodyacceptance

So…thought y’all might like the sentiments (or links) and those of you on twitter might want to join the party ;)

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