Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive


  • Still around.

    Still fat. Still married. Still in the Seattle area. Still doing treadmill 3 days a week, usually, despite general bleahs. Starting another round of seeing doctors – I ended up with yearly visits to a couple specialists in the fall, so every year it’s oh right I have to deal with that. If you follow… Continue reading

  • Not Doing Everything

    Unvirtuous Abbey (“Digital monks praying for people with first world problems”) tweeted this week: For those who have to carry the burden of what they see but are limited in what they can do, we pray. That … says a lot, actually. For many of us worldwide media means that we see much more than we can… Continue reading

  • Twitter Party

    There’s a bunch of fat folks tweeting about “things fat people are told” – in twitterspeak, #thingsfatpeoplearetold. (The # before makes it searchable.)   Some examples: You have muscle? But have you really, really TRIED to lose weight? You’re too fat to do yoga properly, so don’t think you’re REALLY doing yoga. Your allergies (that… Continue reading

  • Today on Twitter: Body Acceptance

    I don’t plan to write a lot of posts about things I say on Twitter, because I figure if you want to read it you’ll read it on Twitter. But I have a couple today I’d like to share to a wider audience. Today, Polimicks (of and decided to tweet about body acceptance, using a… Continue reading

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