Still around.

Still fat. Still married. Still in the Seattle area. Still doing treadmill 3 days a week, usually, despite general bleahs. Starting another round of seeing doctors – I ended up with yearly visits to a couple specialists in the fall, so every year it’s oh right I have to deal with that.

If you follow my Twitter you may be aware I’ve been reading most of the Agatha Christie mysteries and thrillers this year. And watching the Poirot TV series.

Speaking of Twitter: the recent ownership change has people wondering about where else to go for their social lives media. I had been intending to post here more, so I’m going to do more of that. Some thoughts about “on what”?

  • Rewriting the “Day In The Life” series from 2008, because my life is different now.
  • Write about books I’m reading, and not just the mysteries.

The original focus of this blog was about my life as a superfat person, and that hasn’t changed. But I am open to other ideas if people want to chime in with them.

Not Doing Everything

Unvirtuous Abbey (“Digital monks praying for people with first world problems”) tweeted this week:

For those who have to carry the burden of what they see but are limited in what they can do, we pray.

That … says a lot, actually.

For many of us worldwide media means that we see much more than we can act upon.  So many causes.  So much suffering.  So much.  Toss in a 40+ hour-a-week-plus-commute job, a house, a parent needing care, and … it’s a bit more than I find easy to cope with.

Lately I’ve almost felt like I was drowning.

I’ve pulled back a bit, been online a bit less. This weekend I focused a family member’s birthday and some around-the-house tasks.   Tomorrow I go back to work.  I’m planning focus on getting to bed earlier this week and planning lunches instead of relying on beef jerky and dried fruit.  Wish me luck…

Twitter Party

There’s a bunch of fat folks tweeting about “things fat people are told” – in twitterspeak, #thingsfatpeoplearetold. (The # before makes it searchable.)   Some examples:

You have muscle?

But have you really, really TRIED to lose weight?

You’re too fat to do yoga properly, so don’t think you’re REALLY doing yoga.

Your allergies (that you’ve had all your life) would go away if you lost weight.

To read more, check out the #thingsfatpeoplearetold search results page.

Today on Twitter: Body Acceptance

I don’t plan to write a lot of posts about things I say on Twitter, because I figure if you want to read it you’ll read it on Twitter.

But I have a couple today I’d like to share to a wider audience.

Today, Polimicks (of and decided to tweet about body acceptance, using a “#bodyacceptance” tag (which in twitter searches for things with that tag).  Some of the things she tweeted were:

Polimicks#bodyacceptance Don’t know if this tag exists, but it does now. I have some griping to do about diet culture today.

Polimicks#bodyacceptance Diet policing in general, and I know it’s mostly subconscious for a lot of folks.

Polimicks#bodyacceptance The constant, almost subconscious body and diet policing we all do. “Should she be wearing THAT?” So hard to stop.

Polimicks#bodyacceptance Oh, and if you’re only polite to people you find fuckable, you’re an asshole.

I decided to join in.

Living400lbs Why do yet another weight loss resolution? #bodyacceptance

Living400lbs #bodyacceptance RT @JeromeGlassman My “resolution” for the year is to continue practicing #HAES and to try to be kind to my body and myself!

Living400lbs #bodyacceptance RT @HarrietBrown 5 New Year’s resolutions actually worth making:

Living400lbs You only have one body. Why is making peace with it a radical act? #bodyacceptance

So…thought y’all might like the sentiments (or links) and those of you on twitter might want to join the party ;)