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US Obesity Rates Level Off Again?

Oh, not again.  Still.  They’ve been level for years, but this time the Journal of the American Medical Association noticed. There’s discussion as to why, such as “people are getting healthier”.  Given how dieters often gain weight in the long term, I thought this perspective a bit more realistic:

Dr. Ludwig said the plateau might just suggest that “we’ve reached a biological limit” to how obese people could get. When people eat more, he said, at first they gain weight; then a growing share of the calories go “into maintaining and moving around that excess tissue,” he continued, so that “a population doesn’t keep getting heavier and heavier indefinitely.”

That’s not what my mother told me.  She was convinced that if I wasn’t actively dieting I would continue to gain weight for the rest of my life.  Yet when I finally quit dieting my weight … leveled off.  Huh.

Furthermore, Dr. Ludwig said, “it could be that most of the people who are genetically susceptible, or susceptible for psychological or behavioral reasons, have already become obese.”

Gee, y’think?

4 responses to “US Obesity Rates Level Off Again?”

  1. And that’s just for those who actually are obese, not “faux”-bese people that look like in-betweenies but that are actually deathfats.

    Those people didn’t just “level off,” they were never fat to begin with.

    As far as the entire obese, real and faux-bese, is concerned, no one ever got younger as they years went by. Maybe some of those people, I don’t know, put on weight as they got older? The horror of it all, eh?

    Great post!

    1. And that’s just for those who actually are obese, not “faux”-bese people that look like in-betweenies

      I’m not sure what you mean by this. The definition of “obese” is a BMI of 30. As the BMI project makes clear, a LOT of people would look at someone who is officially “obese” and think “But they’re not fat” or “They’re not REALLY fat”.

      1. I suspect that what she means is people who are obese by the BMI standard but are not at elevated risk according to other standards that obesity/BMI is supposed to indicate, such as waist-hip ratio or bodyfat levels. Which is indeed a frustrating place to be (it’s generally considered a mythical category among non-FA/HAES folks, and it tends just not to be that important in HAES discussion)….but no more frustrating than people who “look fat” and have perfect cholesterol levels, blood pressure, et cetera and get the stinkeye from doctors for it.

        1. Yeah, that was my whole point. Most fat people look like inbetweenies, but if you took their BMI, they would register as obese. Those are the people that “aren’t really fat.”

          Sorry about that.:)

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