3 thoughts on “Keep your powder dry

  1. Chafing is the worst. I prefer the longer shorts to the short shorts not only because I’m shy about my less than stellar legs but also because they protect me from chafing. Once it happens it seems to take forever to heal. My late father was a runner before he had his stroke, and he swore by Eucerin cream in those areas that tend to get chafed while running.

  2. Back when I was a fat boy, my thighs must have had extra baby fat. I use to chafe my man parts!! That was some painful chafing :) I am glad I grew out of it.

  3. I’m just a chubby girl, with thick thighs. They rub pretty much no matter what my size is. BodyGlide is AMAZING! I can wear skirts again without getting a rash!

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