Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

My fat eats cellphones

I lost my phone.  I thought  it was next to me on the couch.  Or maybe in the couch.  The couch doesn’t have separate cushions, but there is an opening in the fabric in the back near the support that my cell loves to dive for and it’s difficult to get out of…..  Anyway.  I couldn’t find my phone.

So the man of the house tried to call my phone.


Tried again.  Still silence.

Had it fallen out of my pocket on the way home from work?  No, I’d texted a friend earlier.   I stood up to move the couch and … my phone falls off my lap to the floor. We hadn’t heard it because it was insulated between my corduroy-covered belly and thigh.

(Yes, we laughed.)

4 responses to “My fat eats cellphones”

  1. Maybe it’s just trying to give you a call. You shouldn’t laugh at its attempts to communicate.

  2. been there, done that. Thanks for putting yourself out there. Life over 400 isn’t fun. It isn’t what I signed up for, but here I am. I am trying to let go of the weight, but it fights hard. I started walking but now my knees hurt so bad I am worse off than I was before I started.

    Thanks for the positive attitude and your courage.

  3. I lose the TV remote that way all the time. I guess I am lucky I set my phone to vibrate too.

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