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Game of Thrones Season 2 Leaked

If you are a Game of Thrones fan it may interest you to know that season 2 has been leaked in great detail. According to “[n]otorious author George R. R. Martin has immediately taken credit for the leaked information becoming public.”  Tor also quotes “an unnamed HBO exec” as saying “Reading is for people who want to be confused. We never do it. Why should our viewers?”  Ah, April 1st.

(Most of my friends who are watching Game of Thrones had already read all the books published so far in the series before the HBO adaptation started, so I doubt they’re worried.)

Thus far I haven’t watched it.  Partly it’s that the trailers give me no reason to watch – generally they’re showing the characters.  This is great if you have read the books and know who you’re looking at. If you haven’t, well, why should I care, you know?

This is often my response to TV and movies, by the way.  Why should I care?  I will note I grew up in a house in the 70s and 80s where the TV was turned off on very rare occasions.  I am well experienced in the tropes of  cop shows, sitcoms, soap operas and action-adventure stories.  (To this day I can recall more of the General Hospital and Dallas plotlines than I would prefer.)  I hate procedurals, Law & Order most of all.  I am bored by many sitcoms. I find cop shows  are predictable and/or trying to hard to push my emotional buttons. (It’s not just a dead victim, it’s a dead victim who was a child molester and killed by a victim’s mother!  Etc.)  Then, if I do start to get into the story, the commercials kick me out of the narrative to shout about diets, cars, beer, sales, and other minutiae — often with a side of women-hating and self-loathing for the win.

I do like humor. I do like stories.  There’s a reason I bought Daria and Coupling on DVD.   I did go see The Hunger Games in the theater, even though I knew going in that the movie had a longer run time than it took to read the book.

There’s another factor, and that has to do with what do I want in my brain.

Sherlock Holmes: Listen: [gets up and points to his head] This is my harddrive, and it only makes sense to put things in there that are useful. Really useful. Ordinary people fill their heads with all kinds of rubbish, and that makes it hard to get at the stuff that matters! Do you see?

Sherlock BBC, Episode 3: The Great Game

I have enough stress from real life.  I don’t need stress from entertainment. I don’t want Biggest Loser or Fat March or Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition or Hydroxycut commercials in my brain.  I don’t need to compare my body to “Hollywood normal”.   I also don’t claim to only be spending time on things that are perfect or useful.  I want my leisure time to be spent on things I enjoy and that help me relieve stress.  Sherlock makes me laugh.  Rosemary and Thyme is beautiful and I can’t always spot whodunit. More often, I curl up with something like Murder With Peacocks or The Adept or Murder Must Advertise or Discount Armageddon, and … I smile.

9 responses to “Game of Thrones Season 2 Leaked”

  1. “Reading is for people who want to be confused. We never do it. Why should our viewers?” Ah, April 1st.

    April 1st my ass! That explains why I hate 99% of television, myself!

  2. Not filling my head with harmful stuff is why I quit reading A Song of Ice and Fire after A Game of Thrones, actually. The part that bothered me: rape rape rape rape rape rape. Did I mention rape? Did you know that women got raped a lot back then? I thought I’d remind you every other scene.

    For people who can read this and not be bothered by it, good for them, seriously, but those people do not include me.

    I felt validated after reading “Stories we’ve seen too often, a submission guideline from Strange Horizons, and seeing that A Game of Thrones, IMO, not only fit this type:

    Brutal violence against women is depicted in loving detail, often in a story that’s ostensibly about violence against women being bad.

    but also this subtype:

    Man is forced by circumstances or magic to rape a woman even though he really doesn’t want to, honest.

    (That was in a particularly disturbing scene that I really wish I didn’t have in my head.)

    (I also blogged about this.)

    1. I loved that “stories we’ve seen too often” piece. I agree that rape and/or rape-and-revenge stories are usually not just overdone but extremely poorly done.

      Some other useful links on this:

      This comic noted how predictable rape is in stories: “[S]he’s a female character, and one of two things can happen to her: she’ll get raped, or she’ll get pregnant.”

      Writer Jim C Hines: “It’s not that writers can’t or shouldn’t write about rape. The problem is that it’s so often done badly.

      Melissa McEwan on Game of Thrones: “Now, I’m not axiomatically averse to nudity and sexuality in film; some of the best feminist films contain nudity and depictions of sex. (And sometimes sexual assault.) I am, however, averse to gratuitous pornified images of naked women being inserted into entertainment in a way that treats their breasts like props.”

      Drew McWeeney: “[A]t the age of 41, at about 94 minutes into “The Divide,” I reached a breaking point, and I realized that I am pretty much incapable of sitting through one more cheap, pointless, exploitative rape in a movie.”

      1. Thanks for those! I think I especially liked the last one. Also, I should probably read those Stepsister Scheme books that I ordered by Jim C. Hines (and that my boyfriend has already finished)…

  3. I rarely watch network TV except for Once Upon a Time. That, besides Doctor Who and Torchwood, has been the only newish shows that I can get into. It’s total escapist entertainment that also makes you think. But most of my viewing time is Investigation Discovery on cable (I am a huge real-life crime and mystery buff and prefer the documentaries to fictional procedurals). I actually watch more TV shows online, especially old stuff on YouTube. Right now I’m into the 70’s Thriller series from the UK.

    I don’t do Game of Thrones because I don’t have a premium satellite package and medieval sword and sorcery stuff doesn’t interest me in the least. I didn’t know about the rape but there is an incest subplot which is icky to say the least. I know it was common back then but it can be left out!

    1. “there is an incest subplot which is icky to say the least. I know it was common back then but it can be left out!”


      Icky as it may be, it is ESSENTIAL to the plot as the incest results in a succesion crisis and full on civil war. Game of thrones is more about politics and scheming than any magic.

      1. It’s been a while since I’ve read Game of Thrones, and I haven’t read any of the followup books, but I’m wondering if there was any reason it had to be incest vs. just adultery between the queen and someone from a powerful family. Besides showing how horrible everybody is, of course.

  4. Discount Armageddon! Wasn’t it awesome? *bouncyglee* HAIL THE COMING OF THE ARBOREAL PRIESTESS!


    1. I went to a reading Seanan did for Discount Armageddon and she seemed to delight in shouting “HAIL!” (She read the first 2 chapters ;)

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