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The first thing that makes me wonder about the supposed “skill gap” is that, when pressed for more evidence, roughly 10% of employers admit that the problem is really that the candidates they want won’t accept the positions at the wage level being offered. That’s not a skill shortage, it’s simply being unwilling to pay the going price.
Peter Cappelli

I’ve noticed a tendency to want 10 years of experience but to pay for 1.

Overweight people face bias in many areas of the working world, from job interviews to performance evaluations. For example, studies have found that if two job applicants have identical qualifications, the one who is overweight is more likely to be rated negatively and less likely to be hired.
Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity

Yes, there is research supporting this.  Since most people cannot permanently lose significant amounts of weight, this puts fat people at a disadvantage.

[T]here’s a century of research establishing the undeniable fact that working more than 40 hours per week actually decreases productivity.

— Geoffrey James writing in Inc

I work in software, which likes to pretend this research doesn’t exist.  I’ve been known to take longer lunches to maintain sanity.

4 responses to “Things to Read”

  1. I have nothing against people from other countries coming to the United States. That said, I think when companies lobby for more foreign labor to come to the US, the problem is not a lack of skilled labor here. Their problem is a lack of cheap skilled labor – they like supply and demand when it works in their favor, but not when it means they have to pay higher wages.

    And I’ve been astonishingly lucky to work at places where the executives honestly believe work weeks in excess of 40 hours are counter-productive. I’m very sorry for those that don’t, I’m sure it turns an otherwise fun field (at least, I think software development is fun) into drudgery.

  2. How true. Add to that companies that have never been more profitable who are sitting on vast mountains of cash… while paying their employees less than they did 20 years ago, adjusted for inflation.

  3. As I have been actively looking for a job lately, I have seen tons of that first point… Skilled jobs paying $12 per hour that require 3+ years of experience, or my personal favorite, “entry-level” or “internship” jobs requiring 2+ years of experience (whaaaat?). As a person who has recently graduated college, it’s become increasingly more frustrating every day.

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