X Things Make A Post

Yes, I voted.  (Yes, hopefully the USians will stop talking about elections soon!)

I spent the weekend at a sci-fi con.  I was not the only too-big-for-size-24 in the hotel, which is nice.  Serious body variation FTW :)

Michelle at The Fat Nutritionist wrote about “food addiction”.  (The quotes probably give away my opinion.)

ThisIsThinPrivilege.tumblr.com/ is an interesting ongoing conversation about degrees of size privilege

A pharmacist’s  flu shot FAQ covers the basics.

You can spend time just refreshing calmingmanatee.com

Good News Network can be nice.

What’s up with you?






One response to “X Things Make A Post”

  1. Twistie Avatar

    Fresh home-baked bread! Mmmm… delicious. Oh, and today I bought Stanley Tucci’s new cookbook. What’s more, I got it 25% off just for proving I voted today. It has THE timpano recipe from Big Night! Whee!

    Gotta love those manatees!

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