Q&A, or, More Fun With Search Terms

I’m bored, so I’m going to treat some of the search terms for this blog as questions. I may have gotten a touch silly on these. Void where prohibited by law.

why don’t really fat people have diabetes

The pancreas wants what the pancreas wants.

earrings around 400 pounds


making kraft dinner from scratch

If it’s from scratch, it’s not really Kraft Dinner, is it?

inexpensive women’s size 7x clothing

Try Woman Within clearance.  Or eBay.  Good luck!

why were people so skinny in the 70s

Weight Watchers recipes! Also, they hadn’t quit smoking yet.

showering with a full stomach causes fat?


how to get car out if someone parked too close

Get in another door and scoot. (May require a car you can scoot in; best to acquire in advance.)

will naproxen sodium make me less sore


will 45 in seatbelt be long enough for a 350lb woman?

I think measuring might help.

colonic for flu

No.  Just….no.



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5 responses to “Q&A, or, More Fun With Search Terms”

  1. tehomet Avatar

    >> The pancreas wants what the pancreas wants.


  2. Patsy Nevins Avatar

    Also, as my family can tell you, most people were not necessarily all that ‘skinny’ in the 70’s. It is a myth that we are a lot fatter now. If they bothered to do real research or even look for some old photos, they would notice that there have always been fat people.

    And 400 pound earrings?! Only for an elephant.

    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      Oh yeah, people weren’t necessarily skinny in the 70s. I was being silly. (Also, those WW recipe cards are scary.)

  3. Holly Avatar

    I wonder if the 400 pounds for the earrings was in reference to value rather than weight? Might be worth checking if that was a British IP addy. If not, ouch indeed. Dinner plates for earlobes…

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