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August 2014

  • It Came From the Search Terms

    Things people searched on to get to this site! clothing for obese people Yes, we wear clothing!  The types and sizes vary though. seat belt extenders walmart I’ve had better luck with car manufacturers & Amazon, myself. im sore from girl dancing I’m not sure what “girl dancing” is, anybody? a guy got out of… Continue reading

  • Ingress

    If you saw my recent tumblr posts you may have thought I’m playing Ingress.  I am. Ingress is many things: an augmented reality game, Google Maps gamified, a walking game, a reason to get outside the house. The game centers around “portals”.  Portals can be gathering places, libraries, churches, unique businesses, or artworks — and, as a… Continue reading

  • Music Monday

    I first heard this song in the spring of 2000, shortly after the police who shot Amadou Diallo were acquitted. I heard an audience recording and read a transcript of the lyrics (Springsteen fandom tends to share such things) and then I heard it live in New York.  Fans called it “41 Shots” or “the… Continue reading

  • Food for Thought

    From the St Louis Post-Dispatch on the policing in Ferguson, Missouri: A “best practices” study published in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin two years ago says it’s generally accepted that “crowd violence escalates if people think police offers treat them unfairly.” Furthermore, the study says, when a crowd perceives that “officers act with justice and… Continue reading

  • Why I Care About Mars Hill Church

    You may have noticed me tweeting about Mark Driscoll, co-founder of Mars Hill Church. You may not know this, but Mars Hill Church started in Seattle. Prior to co-founding Mars Hill, Driscoll was a college pastor at Antioch Bible Church. Now, that likely means nothing to you. But Antioch Bible Church has a rep around here. First,… Continue reading

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