Still around.

Still fat. Still married. Still in the Seattle area. Still doing treadmill 3 days a week, usually, despite general bleahs. Starting another round of seeing doctors – I ended up with yearly visits to a couple specialists in the fall, so every year it’s oh right I have to deal with that.

If you follow my Twitter you may be aware I’ve been reading most of the Agatha Christie mysteries and thrillers this year. And watching the Poirot TV series.

Speaking of Twitter: the recent ownership change has people wondering about where else to go for their social lives media. I had been intending to post here more, so I’m going to do more of that. Some thoughts about “on what”?

  • Rewriting the “Day In The Life” series from 2008, because my life is different now.
  • Write about books I’m reading, and not just the mysteries.

The original focus of this blog was about my life as a superfat person, and that hasn’t changed. But I am open to other ideas if people want to chime in with them.



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3 responses to “Still around.”

  1. teaweed Avatar

    Still following your blog, still interested in your experiences, opinions.

  2. Melissa Avatar

    Your blog is great, keep on what your doing. Even as an archive it has a lot of value!

    As for changes, I’d love to see updated posts on your daily routine, and recommendations for products that work for you.

    It would also be interesting to hear about aging in a larger body. There isn’t a lot of information out there, and quite a bit of fear mongering about potential health issues for bigger people.

  3. Francesca Avatar

    Hello, nice to see you post again

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