Thanksgiving yesterday was turkey roasted in a bag; stuffing with mushrooms, water chestnuts, and cashews; green bean casserole; followed by apple crisp. Fridge is full, but it’s not like we emptied it beforehand.

Today I had a blueberry muffin with coffee. Around 11 I heated a bowl of leftover veggie curry, then around 2 a bowl of stuffing mixed with bites of turkey. Later I had some cheese and crackers.

Mentioning what I eat tends to cause all sorts of reactions in others. Some are aghast that I eat meat, veggies, fruit, or carbs. Others are aghast that I don’t eat more meat, veggies, fruit, or carbs. Weighing 400lbs means that a lot of people assume it’s something I eat or don’t eat.

You know what?


It took me a long time to let go of my most noticeable food hang-ups.

I don’t claim I have to have exorcised them all.

But the point is, I eat when I’m hungry. I stop when I’m full. Approval of random people is not required.




2 responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Evie Avatar

    Sounds delish! My mum went all out this year and made a turkey, stuffing, pea salad, mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, candied yams, rolls, Brussels sprouts, and pumpkin custard. I think I ate more the last two days than the whole rest of the year combined!

    Hope you’re being good to yourself and having a holiday season full of love and laughter. Take care!

  2. lynndunning2013 Avatar

    The funny thing is all I thought was that that doesn’t seem like much food. Puts pay to the ridiculous myth that fat people eat loads and thin people eat like birds.

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