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On Hold

Some doctors send me a post card asking me to make an appointment. Others send me a text message, or has a robocall tell me it’s time to make an appointment.

So now I’m on hold waiting to make an ob/gyn appointment. I’ve got a sleep doc appointment for next week, presumably to check I’m using my CPAP. Then I should probably call the pulmonologist to renew asthma meds….

Sometimes I wonder if the late 80s/early 90s call center jobs are the reason I hate these sorts of phone calls, or if it’s the anticipatory anxiety that making the appointment means I’ll be seeing the doctor. Me, the really fat woman.

(Yes, I have self-coaching scripts to help me manage the anxiety. Yes, I’ve met all these doctors before. Fear is not logical.)

I now have an ob/gyn appointment. Going to make another call before getting more coffee. How’s with you?

2 responses to “On Hold”

  1. My early-January physical rolled around, and between reaching Mammogram Age, having an appointment related to what a coworker referred to as a “rabbit hunt” (“there’s a weird symptom that could be caused by a lot of things, and if we look long enough, we’ll find something that maybe could be an issue”), yet another foot problem, a followup to the physical for one test they were having trouble with that day, and an optometrist appointment, I’ve got an appointment coming up just about every month into June. It’s the Welcome to Middle Age calendar!

    1. Yup! Oh yeah – I’ve got starter cataracts now. Not affecting my vision so “we’re monitoring”. Thanks

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