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Friday Fun: How’d You Find This Blog?

WordPress has lots of nifty stats for its blogs.  One in particular I’ve been watching lately: Search Terms. See, if you google something and find my blog? Google passes on what you searched on, and WordPress keeps track of it (without anything about the actual  users involved…though WordPress assures me it doesn’t count my visits ;) 

The search term results have changed a bit recently, partly because I tweaked the site a bit to include “searchable” text.  The #1 search term is still the blog name, but now I’m seeing some newer things.

For example: 

  • fatwomen — This is, like, 2nd most common for the last month. The two-word version, fat women, is also common. 
  • 5x clothing how much do i weigh—wow, hard to tell. 
  • how to eat to become a bhm or bbw—I can’t tell you, other than yo-yo dieting a lot?  Helps. 

There’s the terms that keep the (few) posts that touch on sex in the most-popular-post list: 

  • fat women having intercourse
  • fat doctor sex
  • how do obese women have intercourse
  • how to have sexs with a fat women
  • fat woman have sex
  • 400lb sex

…and then there’s the searches that make me wonder who made them, and to hope they found what they were looking for: 

  • need to loose weight i weigh 400 lbs
  • 400 lbs and out of breath
  • sedentary person walks steps per day
  • “biggest loser” “fat acceptance” 

However you ended up reading this, I hope you have a good weekend! :)

31 responses to “Friday Fun: How’d You Find This Blog?”

  1. Someone wrote a comment on my son’s blog, and I clicked on her blog out of curiosity. Her blog mentioned the Kirstie article by Jane. So I read some comments on her blog, one thing leading to another!
    I love blogs that make me feel slim (190).

    1. I love blogs that make me feel slim (190).

      Congratulations, you win the coveted Missing the Point Award of the day!

    2. Awesome reading comprehension.

  2. JupiterPluvius Avatar

    I found you from the “Notes from the Fatosphere” feed, and am very glad I did!

    1. Same here!

      1. Me, too!

        You’ve taught me a lot about living~any size!

    2. Me too! I love your blog… I found The F Word by googleing something, one thing lead to another, and I found the Fat O Sphere, and man am I glad I did!

      Thanks everyone for your blogs and comments.

  3. I found you through Kate Harding’s blog and I am also very glad I did!

    And on your behalf, I’d like to kick van Houten up there in the head. But instead I will counter her with something I love about this blog- I love blogs that make me feel good about my body and about the other lovely people in the fatosphere.

    1. Thanks. I have found this blog leads to my friends saying, “But you don’t … you DO weigh that much? Should I feel bad I couldn’t tell??”

  4. I think i originally found fat acceptance blogs when I was looking for tips on sex with a fat man. My bf at the time was pretty fat all in the belly and it made things a little…errr, difficult. I bookmarked Shapely prose and went on to find the advice I sought, and (hoping it’s not tmi) with a little bit of furniture help our problem was solved!

  5. Also here through the feed! And comments, o’ course.

  6. “biggest loser” “fat acceptance” sounds a lot like something I might type into Google when I’m looking for something specific but have no idea where I read it or even what exactly it was about. Heh. But that particular search term wasn’t me.

    I hope the person who wants to have “sexs” with a fat woman, uhm, succeeds? Is it that hard?!

    I think I just found you because you commented somewhere else.

  7. I love blogs that make me feel slim (190).

    Gosh, aren’t you a charmer!

    SM just emailed last night to say that her favorite search term bringing someone to our blog was “what about bubble hems?” I kinda doubt they found their answer at SP, but for the record we’re not fans.

    1. Hee. I’m also getting a lot of people who searched for “super obesity”, but then I did post on that one.

  8. I found you through the Fat-o-Sphere feed while reading Shapely Prose.

    Kind of makes me wish I had a more colorful story, but there it is. And here you are. And here I am. This is a nice place to be, too.

  9. Either the fat-o-sphere feed or Shapely Prose. Glad I did. :-)

  10. Fat-o-Sphere Feed via LJ and, lacking time, one of the few I can read consistently.

  11. Amen on missing the point. So some of us go around looking for blogs written by a person who is fatter than we are so that we can feel superior to someone? That’s almost as good as just reading fat blogs so that one can troll & dish out anonymous abuse! However, I suppose that a lot of people have to go through that stage of looking for people who are fatter than they are, but it is not a nice stage at all & certainly has nothing to do with fat acceptance or fat community.

    And I find it sad, though probably not surprising, that a lot of people find fat blogs when they are looking for resources on ‘loosing’ weight. Unfortunately, 95% to 98% of the fat people in this country & many others who are not fat want to ‘loose weight’ & still consider it not only possible, but necessary, an important life goal.

    I too came here by following a link on the fatosphere feed & enjoy reading your posts.

    1. Thanks :) Frankly I thought she was trying to make a self-deprecating joke, which while not my fave thing is also not uncommon.

      And yes, I’m sure lots of those searchers are looking for weight loss (“need to loose weight i weigh 400 lbs”) but maybe I’ll give them other food for thought, you know?

  12. I found you by looking up “can fat people do yoga”, because I am fat but might want to do yoga again. Maybe. :-)

    1. I’ve got the “Megayoga” and “Yoga for Round Bodies” videos, but am thinking of signing up for a class again.

  13. I found my way here by way of Shapely Prose.

  14. Shapely Prose too!

  15. So many to teach, so little time……That “I feel better about myself because I’m not as fat as you” comment is just…..*sigh*. One day she will learn.

    I also came via Shapely Prose. I stayed because you rock. You have shown me that 400 is really just a number and doesn’t define who you REALLY are. You reminded me that you can still live your life doing the things you want to do no matter what the scale says. And I thank you for that!

  16. I came here via Shapely Prose. I had no idea there was such a thing as Fat Acceptance and the more I read the more angry I get that I didn’t know earlier. But I am here now and that is all that matters.


  17. I first became aware of your presence through Fatshionista’s lj community.
    I am glad that blogs like this exist, I spent my formative years believing that fat was bad, and by extension, that I was bad, and you, along with many others, have helped me reverse my thinking and made me a happier person.

  18. Though I already commented on this one, I have one more, irrelevant comment to add- I am now accepting my fat all over the place! ;-) I accepted it with an almost revealing t-shirt in public, and with a fitting tank top and capris which was unflattering to my tum, but comfortable nonetheless. Ta da!

  19. Looks like I’m not alone – I found you via Kate Harding as well and (still not alone) very glad I did. Your blog has been a refreshingly grounded (and grounding) read over the past few months.

  20. I’ve been found through a number of dubious search terms, the most alarming of which was someone looking up *sexy middle school girls* (I can only assume they hit me because I occasionally mentioned my middle-school aged daughters in my posts).

    I found your blog via Kate Harding (or someone linked to her) a little less than a year ago now and I have to say your blog is refreshingly grounding (and grounded) and though I don’t often comment, I love checking in to see what you have to say.

  21. PS – Sorry for the double comment. I was logged out and I didn’t think the *anonymous* comment above my previous comment had gone through so I logged in and tried again :oops:

    1. It’s okay – it was in the moderation queue, I probably approved it when you weren’t looking ;)

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