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Monday Morning Smile?

Cover of Chocolate: The Consuming Passion

Last week at work was much more on the stressful side than I wanted. Usually I pack up the week’s worries when I shut down my computer and neaten my office; this week it was Sunday before I really let go of the stress.

Tomorrow I go back. So I’m going to include a few things that made me smile this weekend.  

How about you?  Is Monday something you look forward to, or a major time/life shift, or just another day? 

5 responses to “Monday Morning Smile?”

  1. I really like Mondays. I have a goofy work schedule where I work weekends and have my days off in the middle of the week, so Monday is nearing the “end” of my work week. Plus I don’t have to actually be at work until 11am on Monday, so I can sleep in a bit.

    My bathroom has a Hello Kitty decor, so I find the thought of a Hello Kitty vibrator…intriguing.

  2. This last semester I only taught Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so I had a four-day weekend every weekend. Mondays were great. ;)

    I tend to dislike not working at all, though, which is what I’m doing this summer, because I feel stuck in the house. Mondays are story hour at the library, so I look forward to them, because it gives me a chance to get out and my son a chance to be around other kids.

  3. That’s a book that has often made me smile, too.

    I’m smiling today because it’s at least fifteen degrees cooler today than it was yesterday.

    I’m smiling today because I have fresh strawberries in the fridge to play with, yum.

    I’m smiling because something I wrote yesterday made a good friend of mine smile at a rough time.

    I’m smiling today because my cat keeps doing amusing things.

    I’m smiling today because I’m watching Perry Mason. Raymond Burr is good at making me smile.

    I’m smiling today because a buddy of mind is writing me Stargate SG-1 fic to my desired specifications. I am such a geek.

    I’m smiling because I am wearing a cute, flippy skirt that makes me feel kind of flirty…and Mr. Twistie’s eyes light up.

    All in all, this is a pretty awesome day. I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

  4. I’m smiling because my review made you smile. Thanks for the compliment!

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