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Thankful Thursday

[Another weekly exercise in gratitude.]

1) A week that is going well.

2) I can lay on my back for half an hour or more and not have it “lock up”.

3) The annual summer drought has ended, or at least is in a lull.

4) I now walk half a mile in 15 minutes (used to take me 25).

5) Discovering a way to get grease stains out of clothing (Dawn dishwashing liquid) which puts several items back in my work wardrobe that had been non-work only.   ;)

5 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. I just discovered #5 a few months ago, then felt like an idiot for not thinking of it sooner. Sometimes it’s the simplest things…

    1. I found it via Google, and felt silly for not looking for it sooner!

  2. Oh man…now I feel really silly but I plan to try #5 on a few items of my own today; thanks for the tip!!

    And huzzah on #4 :D I love walking around but love it even more when I can get just a bit farther just a bit quicker!

    1. thanks for the tip!!

      You’re welcome.

      I love walking around but love it even more when I can get just a bit farther just a bit quicker!

      Yes … I get tired of walking so much slower than the man of the house. But the Really Big Thing is that I’ve worked up to being faster without re-injuring myself. :)

  3. I love that you have a gratitude list! I find that keeping track of what you are thankful for really helps to put a positive spin on your entire day. Sometimes, I am just thankful to be able to pay my electric bill in the summer. It still reminds me that I am blessed in many ways.

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