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Virtual Window Shopping Swimsuits

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing,  which is to say, clothing I can wear.  Preferably modeled by fat people]

Halter top at Love Your Peaches
Halter top at Love Your Peaches

I’m looking forward to a sunny vacation in November.   So naturally I’m looking at swimsuits.  Even though I already have 4 suits.

Okay, if you don’t want to know why I have so many suits, skip down.  I liked my deep size 30 V-neck skirted-style once-piece from Sylvia’s Swimwear enough to buy a second one — I could swim laps in it at the gym and enjoyed men’s reaction to the V.   Then I took a water aerobics class and, um I “bounced” right out of the V.   So I got a higher-neck one for water aerobics.  The 4th is a 2-piece (skirted top with detachable straps and black bottom)  I picked up on sale because my torso is longer than average and, yes, Land’s End makes long-torso women’s one-piece suits, but not in supersizes.   Then I found a nudist group that periodically rents a private pool and didn’t need a suit at all!  Oh well.

So … despite not having used the pool at my gym at all this year … I am looking.   Not necessarily buying.

The suit at the right is from Love Your Peaches.  One thing about Peaches is that tops and bottoms are sold per piece, so if you are, gasp, different sizes on top and bottom you don’t have to decide which half doesn’t fit.  It also gets around the “long torso” thing.   At right is the “Marilyn” halter top and one of the “boyfriend” bottoms.

And, of course, the one sort of suit I currently don’t have?  Is a bikini.

Junonia Crossback Suit
Junonia Crossback Suit

No, I’m not sure I’d want to bare my tummy in public, but that red one does make me consider it.  :)

Peaches also has a skirted top – and the skirt can be mesh or solid.  Of course, if I got the top in something that coordinates with black, I could wear the black swimsuit bottom I already have.  Hm.

Junonia’s swimsuits have more of an athletic bent.  I already have a servicable tank suit to fit that need, but then a 25% off on selected swimwear & athletic wear announcement popped into my inbox.  Low and behold, it includes Junonia’s crossback suit (at right).   I’m curious as to how easy it would be to get into, but not enough to buy yet another tank suit.   They also have a tall tank suit for under $30…IF you wear size 4x or below…

10 responses to “Virtual Window Shopping Swimsuits”

  1. I got Junonia’s tall tanksuit in red last week – I love it to bits, it’s such a pretty red & all the nicer for being $60 off!

  2. Ooo I like that tank suit. Not a fan of the hand wash though.

    The skirted top makes me wonder about adding decorations and making it into a bellydance top! ;)

    1. You might be able to make this into a bellydance top too :)

  3. Not to be incredibly objectivfying here, but man how cute are those models?! I’m so used to seeing swimwear modeled by girls shaped like beanpoles (not that there’s anything wrong with that) I was floored just now!


    I really like the first bikini best, I think you should get it. You know, if you want to. But yeah, bikinis = awesome. I’ve never worn one in public public (as in, not just at family do’s) but I’m going to this summer. And I’m going to print that picture and stick it on my mirror and hope I look that cute.

  4. ok i love the red bikini!

  5. Thank you so much for letting your readers know about Junonia. We love your site! Please keep me posted on any ideas, comments, suggestions you have. We carry suits from 14-6X and always fit them on plus-size models, so we know they work, fit and are easy to get in and out of. Thanks again!
    Anne Kelly, Founder and Chair of Junonia

  6. I own crossaback suit. It’s the BEST lap-swimming suit for a plus size I’ve ever found. It lasted me a WHOLE YEAR, which for a serious swimmer is a miracle.

    1. I was thinking you might want to know they’re on sale ;)

  7. I’m going to print that picture and stick it on my mirror and hope I look that cute.

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