Oh, Michelle

Michelle at Fat Nutritionist wrote a terrific post today skewering the typical “Holiday Eating” articles.   She also, fatally, mentioned both Maggie May* and Michelle.

So of course this popped into my brain**:

Like many songs, it has a story behind it.  Unlike many songs, I actually have heard the story behind this one at a concert.   Seanan McGuire (singer/songwriter/blonde) was chatting with Michelle Dockrey (also a singer/songwriter, though not of this song; redhead; Michelle is also known as Vixy) on IM.   And Vixy was not feeling well.  In fact she was feeling very, very ill.  Vixy told Seanan how terrible she felt, and how it was probably some sort of Martian Death Flu or something similarly horrible, and after she died, Seanan, as her best friend, must immortalize her in song.

And you know how, in IM, you can see when the other person is typing, but not what they’ve typed?   Well, as Vixy tells it, she could see “Seanan is typing” for what seemed long a long while….and Vixy asks, “You’re writing it right now, aren’t you?”

And then came the first part of the song.  The chorus is:

Oh, Michelle, what the hell
Were you thinkin’ — were you drinkin’?
Did you really not believe things could go so, so wrong?
Oh, Michelle, how the hell
Can I tell your friends what happened?
I can barely scratch the surface in this song.

Full lyrics are here.

So, just in case Michelle (Fat Nutritionist Michelle) ever wanted a change from the Beatles Michelle, she now has Seanan’s Oh, Michelle to give her a change.  Or something.

*For maximum confusion I tend to “hear” the Melissa Etheridge version (I think from her Unplugged concert) combined with Rod Stewart’s.

**I tried to post it over there, but it didn’t embed, and anyway telling the story seemed like hugely threadjacking, so.



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5 responses to “Oh, Michelle”

  1. the fat nutritionist Avatar

    That is a truly hilarious song. Far better than “My Michelle,” haha.

  2. the fat nutritionist Avatar

    Oh shit I totally just named a Guns ‘n’ Roses song on accident. Which, if you can believe, is even worse than the Beatles’ Michelle

  3. Brandi D. Avatar
    Brandi D.

    I never thought I’d be grateful to be a fine girl, what a good wife, etc. but um….at least I am not Maggie May (my parent’s favorite song)! That would have been worse.

    Unfortunately, I also do not have any cool alien songs written about me. And now I haz a sad.

  4. Shiyiya Avatar

    Oh man, I thought of that song when I saw the title and completely didn’t expect it to actually be about it. I have all of Seanan’s CDs ^_^

    *goes to listen to Red Roses And Dead Things*

    Seanan McGuire is made of awesome.

  5. […] stuff for a while!  :) More info on #2: Realized it might be good to say that while I’ve linked to Seanan McGuire’s music in the past, she is also an author. Rosemary and Rue and A Local […]

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