Thankful Thursday

1) Walking is much better; been leaving the cane in the car most of the time.

2) Fun evening exploring Microsoft’s private “mall” one afternoon with a friend.

3) Getting better at prioritizing and being gentle with myself.

4) My office seems much warmer since I got back from vacation.  It’s nice not to HAVE to bundle up in multiple layers every day!   If this keeps up I’ll have less laundry each week, too!

5)  The man of the house, who put up with being dragged to a crowded pub to meet a friend after I’d offered to cook.  (Altho the venison skewers the pub serves may have helped with his attitude…  :)



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6 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Masquerade Avatar

    Hi, I was wondering if you minded if I added your link to my blogroll? If you want to look over my blog first, that’s fine, but I’ll warn you ahead of time that I have an eating disorder so some of the posts are pretty body-hating. That being said I don’t want you to think that I am going to use your blog for ‘reverse thinspo’ or anything ridiculous like that. To be honest I find you an inspiration. I just topped 300 lbs (this is the first place I’ve openly admitted it) and I feel like my life is over. I guess your blog would sort of be a reminder that weight isn’t all that, and life can go on.

    Anyway, if you’re nervous about being used for something unhealthy just let me know and I won’t add you. Thanks. :)

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      I’m not too worried about who links to me. I do mostly link to fat-acceptance blogs, but there are several weight-loss blogs that link to my home page or my exercise page.

      PS Your life isn’t over yet :)

  2. Veronica Sanchez Avatar

    Congrats on not using a cane! I need to start walking myself.

  3. Joanne Avatar

    Happy New Year!
    Just discovered your site while “web wandering” can’t really remember where I started out,!
    Just wanted to say that I think your site is wonderful. I come from a lifetime of eating disorders…bulimia mostly..and am now 38, 5ft 6″ 133lbs, and still with a crap body image.
    A lady like yourself, who is living in her body, accepting it as it is right now is so someone I aspire to be. From now on I will be avoiding the dieting site, and seaching for more like yours.
    Will be adding you to my favourites.
    Love n hugs

  4. Maggie Avatar

    Hello ~400!
    It’s time I introduced myself since I benefit from your courage and forthrightness. Me: 56 and ~300, self-employed in a medical-related field. I stopped trying to lose weight when I realized the attempts only caused long term weight GAIN. Go figure, that. I finally convinced my doctor not to bring up weight loss… but that’s another story. Anyway, I want to thank you for sharing some of the more intimate details of living large, such as dealing with skin fold yeast infections, incontinence, & even fashion. But most of all, thanks for just being comfortable with your size. You have no idea how many people you are in the position to help by just that alone. Cudos, friend!

  5. […] to add: Did see a reference to using a cane in early January last year, so to be safe it’s been most of a […]

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