A few links

Marilyn Wann launched a new HAES site at  http://2011revolutions.blogspot.com/, focusing at replacing diet resolutions with a revolution.

Jezebel: If You’re Fat-Phobic, You’re Also An Ignorant, Bigoted Idiot and Biggest Weight Stories of 2010.

“I don’t eat a hamburger and large chips every day!” A qualitative study of the impact of public health messages about obesity on obese adults. From the abstract:

Personal and contextual factors influenced the ways in which individuals interpreted and applied public health messages, including their own health and wellbeing and perceptions of stigma. […] Many described feeling stigmatised and blamed by the simplicity of messages and the lack of realistic solutions. Participants described the need [for] messages recognise the complexity of obesity and focus on encouraging healthy behaviours for individuals of all sizes.

You may recognize co-author Dr Samantha Thomas, who blogs at Discourse.




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