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What If You’re Too Big For Lane Bryant?

Ah, the eternal question.  What if you’re too big for plus size stores?   In the US, LB is one of the most common plus size stores, going up to a US size 28.  I’m too big for most of their clothes.

Today I’m going to not just talk about places I can buy clothes. I’m going for places that someone larger than I can buy clothes.  I’m going to skip the stores where I’m at the top of the size range and highlight ones that offer a few sizes larger than mine. I also welcome reviews and suggestions in the comments. 

In Myles Ahead sizes, I’m a 2 or 3x.  Their sizes go up to 5x.  They also have items in more conventional sizes up to 10X.  Mostly casual and dressy clothes, along with some accessories.

Plus Woman goes from 1X-10X, with fairly conventional sizing for most things.  At 4 or 5X, I’m in the middle of their range.  They’re located in North Carolina and make a LOT of things to order and so you can customize size, fabric, and colors quite a bit.  It can be more expensive.

I’m a 3x or 4x in Big on Batik clothes. Most of their clothing is available to 6x but some are 7X+,  including swimsuits.

And, of course, there’s Making It Big.  I’ve been buying their stuff for over a decade now.  There’s casual, dressy, activewear, swimwear, outerwear …. and none of it is cheap, but it’s consistent and much of it is American-made.   I’m a G/H (or 4X/5X) in their sizing, and they run up to size L (8X).   As I type this Wednesday night I’m wearing a pair of brown size H corduroy pants I got from MIB years ago with a red “simple tee” in size G; yesterday I wore size H black relaxed knit pants with a purple “perfect tee” in size H; Monday I wore the same brown cords with a top from, gasp, a different company.   No, they don’t pay me to advertise, and yes, I’ve paid for all my MIB stuff (some secondhand on eBay).  (And if they don’t come out with the cords again I may need to clone the ones I’m wearing, damn it.)

So there is it — the list of stores that I know carries at least 2 sizes larger than my size.  What have I missed?  Got any warnings or reviews?  Have at it.

Update: Ghastly G. Rotto reminds me through Twitter that Woman Within goes up to 7X in some things. I’m a 4X or 5X in their clothes, so Woman Within also fits the “2 sizes larger than I” rule even if they do use thin models.

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The only store I already knew about was Making It Big. I love their clothes, but they aren’t cheap, and they tend to be conservative – no cleavage, ever! The other stores have a little more sass. I also think I will get a “love your body” bracelet – it has taken me YEARS to get to the point of appreciating what my body does for me instead of hating it for being fat. Nice to have company on this journey.


      1. What’s wrong with wanting to show cleavage? Just because we are big we are supposed to be nuns now? Get outta here…

      2. Hello. First, Your sentence should be, “Lose some weight.” The spelling you used in your sentence is the word “loose”, as in, “This shirt is too loose.” I realize that sometimes spell check is known to change things that you type. It’s a good lesson to check before posting. Secondly, if you don’t like the content here, simply don’t read it.

      3. @leah, RESPONDING???? REALLY???? OMG!!! GAIN A PERSONALITY!!!! Deal with your issues of hate before responding to someone that loves themselves. You came all the way to this page and decided to respond. WOW!

      4. Oh, Leah, all the places you go wrong.
        You spot a post written by a fat person, giving helpful information to other fat people and possibly to people who may not be fat themselves but who have a fat friend or relative whom they want to buy a gift.
        Instead of saying “well, isn’t that helpful, but it’s not for me” or some other such nice, friendly thing, your prejudiced self immediately goes on the attack.
        Go back to school and learn to spell, Cupcake. Also, “loose” your prejudices and privileges. They just aren’t a good look, mmmkay, Dumpling?

      5. You are a meanie and it’s spelled LOSE weight, not loose weight. Ha!

      6. I am really embarressed for someone that has no intelligence or compassion for people of large sizes for someone like me that weighs 350+pds, I have m.d. and in a wheel chair, I did not ask or want this disease. But that is what life has dealt me so I have to embrace my illness. So hello before you respond so stupid think about people who would love to lose weight just not so easy for me in a wheel chair.

  2. Sanctuarie Designs . . . I’m torn. They have sizes up to 9X and a lot of variety within those sizes — helpful if you’re like me and take a Tall in slacks. On the other hand, the quality ranges from below average to oh my Glob I paid money for this?

    1. I know this comment is really old but I just wanted to add that I’ve ordered from Sanctuarie a few months ago and it was perfect. Perhaps they’ve improved the quality? They do seem to run big, at least in the style I bought. I normally wear a 4x but I’m wishing I’d ordered a 3x, or maybe even a 2x. So definitely keep an eye on the size charts.

  3. Delurk…Ulla Popken goes up to 36/38 on some items. My professional wardrobe is complete comprised of Ulla and MIB.

  4. Most of what you said is covered on this list here: I update it twice a year, so some links might be dead – and of course, whenever “x” is appended on a size, who knows what you’re going to get.

    1. Thanks! OK if I add it to my “Practical Stuff for Fat Folks” links?

    2. One of those sites Mizrak used a photo from MIB and trying to sell it as their stuff.

      1. Mizrak we returned a bunch of clothes never got the money back and even turned them into the BB and still they told him to pay it back and he would not.. so be very careful buying from them

  5. /delurk/ Thank you for this post! I really appreciate it. When I shop in conventional stores I feel incredibly self conscious because it’s a roulette of what size I’m going to be able to wear (it gets as ridiculous as anything from a L to 3x). It’s even harder to find plus sized clothes priced reasonably. I used to shop with Roaman’s a lot and they carry sizes up to a 7x in some items but they’re pretty terrible with payments.

    1. Yeah, I’ve pretty much taken to ordering from Roaman’s through Amazon. I’m a 5X in their stuff and most of it only goes up to 5X.

      1. I’ve actually never thought about shopping Roaman’s through Amazon (I used to get the catalogs but after some payment clustercusses I just said nevermind). I mostly like their coats & pants so I may try that again, thanks for the idea.

  6. Another word of thanks here! I had forgotten about Myles ahead – I need to go check it out.

    I’ll echo BJ’s comment about Sanctuarie – I just purchased from them for the first time, and I’m just not sure. Most of the material seems so thin… but I bought everything except the swim suit on sale, so at least I didn’t pay a lot. I’m not really impressed with the swim suit either, but my previous “goto” for swimwear, Junonia, has had nothing in the largest sizes lately.

    As a point of reference, I believe I’m about the same size as you are.

    Another place is SWAK Designs. They say they go to size 36, but I’ve found that most of what I’ve gotten from them tends to be roomy, and I’ve had to go down in size. The biggest problem I’ve had is their sizing is VERY inconsistent. I’ve gotten 6x’s that were way too roomy, 5x’s that were still kind of big, and yet had to send back one 6x top because it didn’t even come close to being big enough. You have to check the sizing chart for each individual item, and even then, it can be hard to tell.

    And even though their stated sizes only go up to 30/32, I have to mention my favorite guilty pleasure (guilty because it’s SO expensive, but…): Igigi. She says that their sizing runs large, and that’s generally been my experience. I have at least one 26/28 that is now a little too small, but not by much (I gained some weight after buying and wearing it a few times), I have a few other 26/28s that still fit beautifully, and most of what I have are 30/32s that either fit well or are even a little roomy. The dressy wool coat I have from there is wonderful, and something I had trouble finding anywhere else. All her clothing is designed specifically for Plus size, not just sized up, and she seems to have a real knack for what is flattering to larger sizes.

    I’ve said for a while I want to get my blog going again, and post reviews on some of the stuff I’ve bought. Of course, I also want to start designing and sewing some of my own clothes. I have ideas in mind for exactly what I think will work well at my size. If I ever do get around to that, I’ve thought that I would love to sell at least the patterns, or start making and selling the clothes. Sigh. All of that takes time which, between migraines and the day job, is in very short supply.

    So thanks for putting this kind of stuff out here…. those of us above a 28 (and often, anymore, it seems a 26 or 24!) can use all the help we can give each other finding clothes.

  7.!! Designs by Janelle Lowe. I LOVE her suits. I’m pretty sure you’d be a 4X, and they go up to 6.

  8. I am a long time reader and really enjoy your blog and all the information you have here. My wife is a beautiful woman very close to your size/weight and so far she has been wearing a US size 26/28 (3-4x), but is now flirting with US 30/32 (5-6x). She is what is considered a “pear” shape and at times during her life has worn a smaller top size than pant size due to this.

    Her weight can also fluctuate, but if she ever gains a few more pounds (she more than likely will, as she is in her 30s and when she hits her 40s may gain a little naturally, as most women do approaching menopause and middle age, I hear) will probably be a full fledged 30/32 (5-6x) very soon. This will make finding clothes for her more difficult (I enjoy helping her shop for clothes and finding nice outfits for her). We have another friend who is well over 400lbs and is at least a size US 30/32 (5-6x) and I think she has found clothes at The Avenue. Catherines seems to carry the “extended” sizes too. Once in a while Fashion Bug will have some of these sizes too, but it is hit or miss, it seems.

    My wife is also in the healthcare field and has to wear scrubs, which can be hard to find at those sizes also (our friend I mentioned earlier has the same dilemma), so finding a place that sells larger sizes of medical clothing would help too. We have found a few online places, however. I think one goes up to 7x or even 10x. My wife was buying 4x scrub bottoms originally, but the last time I got her scrubs she requested a 5x and now she says she thinks she needs a 6x (probably for maximum comfort). I think most places that sell Plus Sized scrubs go to about 4x, so that has been more of a challenge, as well.

    At one time we actually considered opening a custom clothing online business, just to cater to these needs for the larger gals (we were going to call it “Made To Fit”), but never did pursue it. I think there is a big need for women’s clothing sizes in the 28W+ range that the mainstream “Plus Size” clothing retailers would like to ignore, for whatever reason. Kind of silly though, as there is money to be made in it since so many women (at least where we live in the Pacific NW) seem to be that size. In fact, 28W seems to be the most popular and sold out size whenever we go clothing shopping for my wife. That tells me something and should to the clothing retailers also.

    The other things we have had issues with, is finding large calved boots that fit (she has 23″ or more calves). She is an 11W shoe size and we once found boots at Torrid, I believe, that fit her, but she had to get the size 12s just to barely fit her calves. Those now don’t fit and she loves boots, so we will need to try and locate another place that sells boots for very large calved women. If anyone has any suggestions on where to find boots for her, please let me know.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks again for your blog and all the information you have here. My wife is shy about this kind of thing (as well as hasn’t really embraced Size Acceptance or H.A.E.S yet, unfortunately), so I generally help her with things like this. I did subscribe her to your blog, so hopefully she will receive all the useful information you post in her email. :-)

    1. No worries about the long post. FYI Plus Woman makes scrubs! :)

      1. About scrubs…I ordered the 5X size from some of the “regular” scrub stores, and whoever designed their larger sizes made everything proportionate…meaning while it fit around my stomach and hips, the V neck of the scrub top was way too low and the sleeve holes were huge and were open to below the bottom of my bra and visible if my arms were up! Same with pants, “straight leg” scrub pants that fit around my waist and hips had leg widths that would likely have made a top for a “regular” sized person! I want the bottoms of my scrubs to be smaller than the length of my foot just like “regular sized” pants. What is UP with that?!?

    2. For boots and shoes, you may want to try I’m a size 12 WW to 13 in footwear depending on the cut and at times they carry extended sizes at reasonable prices. :)

    3. Another place to try for boots is Simply Be. They have boots with what they call “Super Curvy Calves”. From the fit guide, if her calves are really 23″ or larger, that may still not be enough. I have the same problem, and have debated about trying boots from there anyway. Especially since they have widths up to EEE.

      If the calves still don’t fit, you can also try “Boot Bands”. I discovered them when I was looking around for boots with big enough calves. They are made to expand the width of boots that zip up.

      1. Thanks for the reply. Well, yes indeed she does have “Super Curvy Calves” and yes, last time we did her measurements back in March of this year (this also helps when trying to find the right fit for clothing too), her calves were 23 1/2 to 24″ actually (according to the notes I made). She weighed somewhat less back then too (about 14 lbs) so that would explain why her boots no longer fit and why it is so difficult to find boots for her now (she has always had larger legs). Her foot size is also larger in the women’s sizes (11 wide, don’t know what the actual width letter would be, but on the very wide side), so that doesn’t help too. She is 5’7″, so her feet look proportioned to her body size, but of course, that doesn’t help when finding shoes. She also has larger wrists (larger than mine) so finding watches or watch bands that fit have been a challenge too. If you have any suggestions in that department, it would be welcome as well.

        It sounds like you have the same problem, so I’d be interested to hear if “Simply Be” boots work for you. If they do, then they might work for my wife too. Thanks again for the suggestions.

    4. Avenue usually carries some nice wide calf boots. I just can’t find any that suit my wide ankles.

    5. I found some GREAT wide calf boots at I got both a pair of knee high black boots and a pair of mid calf cowboy boots (haha, always wanted a pair). Not only did they fit, but they were comfortable!!! Plus they have clothing sizes up to 44XL and they dont look like old woman clothes!

  9. If you are looking for lingerie, be it sexy or romantic, is a good site. OneStopPlus, and WomanWithin are good too, but some can be pricey. (as with alot of plus size stuff) My favorite is HipsandCurves. Beautiful lingerie that go up to a 6x.

  10. I’m a fan of Junonia, whose private label stuff goes up to a 6X (38/40). They specialize in active wear. See

  11. I like eShakti mainly because they do custom sizing and they have some really cute clothing. I know that they’re pretty hit or miss with quality, though.

    Thanks for this post! I’m always looking for new places to shop!

    1. I was going to say Eshakti too. I am about a 5X and I have never had trouble with their dresses. I have about 8 or 9! I like them because they have a lot of style and are fairly close to being what is currently in season. A lot of the links people are sharing seem to be for people that are maybe a little bit older and conservative. I like my clothes tight and bold. I refuse to hide in bags!

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  13. Another DeLurk to add They go up to 5X on most items (supposedly a 7X but I’ve only once seen an item actually available at that) and the quality is great. Tends to be a bit flowy/medieval renn-style but the shirts and skirts are lovely even if dressed down with jeans or a simple tank-top.

    So glad to see the awesome list of places to try out though, thank you!!!

    1. Oh, thank you April D for posting this link! I love romantic, gothic, ren faire type clothing!

      Allow me to share a link to a FANTASTIC website that I think anyone who likes Holy Clothing will like. I’ve dealt with these people on more than one occasion, and they are *so* nice. They sent me a cute little goody bag of party favor type toys (gave them to my nephew… well, okay, I kept a couple of things for myself), and upgraded my order to priority mail for free. I can’t say enough good things about them.

      www . mysticcrypt . com (remove spaces)

      They have both plus size clothing up to 5X, I believe, and also sell straight sizes. Oh yeah, new customers get 5% off.

      No, I’m not an affiliate of theirs or anything. Just a big fan of the site. Hope someone else likes it!

  14. Seconding Piglet’s suggestion of LOVE YOUR PEACHES. They are one of my favorite clothing resources at the moment. They will make to measure.

    Decent Exposures, which most folks think of as a sports bra company, will also make their cotton clothing and swimwear to measure in super sizes, even though their size chart for clothing only goes to 4X.

    Junonia hasn’t had super size swimwear in months; I got my latest swimwear from Decent Exposures and Making It Big; the quality seems good. I also like my Love Your Peaches swimwear.

    I got some big T’s at Sanctuarie. They have cute designs and have lasted through many washes.

    I’ve been trying out Make Your Own Jeans lately. You submit your measurements and pick a fabric and they do the clothes to order. There’s an ouchy premium for larger sizes, but the woven fabric selection is very good, better than Plus Woman, which is my other go-to place for made-to-measure woven pants.

    Another source of menswear is King Size Direct (one of the Redcats companies).

  15. PS: I heard that Myles Ahead is dead. Have you bought anything from them recently?

    1. No, I haven’t. The website is up at least….anyone else have info?

  16. I like Sanctuarie Designs a lot. If they go out of business ever, I am in trouble. I LOVE their dresses and you can get thicker materials, but the thinner stuff is better for summer. Not all of us are millionaires or bringing in the mega-bucks to pay 150-200 dollars an outfit like some of these places. Thanks for listing other options. I am very unhappy with MIB for their insane prices, and wonder how many supersized women can afford them?

    1. Exactly…..

    2. I used to love MIB’s easy pant until maybe 6-7 years ago. They chaged to this awful thin, scratchy cotton knit that was obviously very low quality and then raised prices. Insane to pay almost $70 for this crap.

    3. I can’t afford them, that’s for sure, but I think for some professional women, there isn’t much choice. I end up ordering just basics from Roamans or WomanWithin basically because of the cost, but don’t order much, because I hate a lot of their “clownish” outfits and the quality has gone down a lot in the last decade. I was lucky in my working life to be able to wear my own clothes in home health nursing, so just tried to be clean and neat in those basics, but if I had to work in an office, or like now, having to find something appropriate for my son’s wedding….yes I’m going to have to lay out some mega bucks. I think it stinks that the plus sized industry price gouges!!!

  17. I’m a 5x 32/34 and have more or less taken to buying through Woman Within or Romans because I can never find my size, let alone afford $60-$70 for a pair of jeans like Catherine’s wants for their stuff. I’ll be checking these places now!

  18. “What If You’re Too Big For Lane Bryant?”

    To that, I just have to say, you’re not missing much.

    Seriously, I was too big for them until I lost over a hundred pounds. Now, I can fit into their stuff just fine. But… I wouldn’t want to! I’m sorry, but I was in one of their stores a couple of times before Christmas, looking for presents (I asked everyone to give me clothes, since all of my stuff is now way too big for me and I need a new wardrobe), and I found absolutely *nothing* both times.

    It was all either nothing I’d want to wear – in other words, too plain for my tastes (I’m like Melissa Mankins, above, who likes stuff ‘tight and bold’) – or WAY overpriced. I’m not paying $80 for a pair of jeans that are only sort of what I want.

    This list is so helpful, not so much for me (though I’ve definitely gotten some personal use out of it), but for my sister, who needs around a size 34. I’ve saved many of these links for her.

    So, thank you very much! ^_^

  19. Thanks for this list! I stopped patronizing Woman Within because of their insistence on using thin models. I can’t tell what the item is going to look like on me if it’s being modeled by someone half my size! It’s ridiculous–like using children to model clothes for adults, really. Or like using short people to model clothes for tall people, or vice versa.
    This is not to say that thin women are childish or any such thing, before anyone gets bent out of shape. It’s a size comparison.

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  21. Any recommendations for a real 10x or larger? Please, there has to be SOMETHING!

    1. I shop at SanctuarieDesigns and they a plus size section along with a supersize section (which I have to order from) I ordered a 6x from the super size section and it was 2 sizes to big. A 6x is what I typically wear in any other clothing website. They don’t stretch their clothes before measuring them so your a 10x then order an 8x or 9x from the super size section. they have slinky material and poly/jersy (t-shirt) material. I love the poly blend clothes.

  22. I am so so happy with Love Your Peaches! Janelle’s designs are fabulous! They fit great and I have had many compliments. Diana in Canada.

  23. There’s a website ( that has large sizes and stuff that would go up to 6x in some occasions. It’s actually a website that sells clothing from multiple stores where some vendors go up to larger sizes and some that don’t. But it allows you to buy stuff from several different makers at one site, such as Woman Within, The Avenue, Torrid, Blue Plate, Ulla Popken, Roamans and many others.

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  25. If you’re looking for lingerie in Canada, try FranBlass.
    They have hosiery and lingerie up to 8X

  26. i didn’t see any post for SWAK’ I love their clothes. Runs up to 5x. Really good prices and fashion.

  27. I love Holyclothing BUT all their skirts are made for women of at least 5ft 10, whereas the average woman is about 5ft 4. I have written to complain many times but they say thanks for the feedback then do nothing. As the skirts mostly have embroidery or jagged hems there is no easy way to shorten them. Result: I have four skirts that cost me £30 each that I simply cannot wear.

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  30. I sell on a under Kayzonlineclozet I try to keep pre-owned plus size clothes in for a fraction of the cost with nice name brands. I usually sell out pretty fast but here is my link I want to share with you. I try to go $13.99 or less for my 1x to 10x items depending on the item but I work with customer to try to meet their needs. Please check out my items. I have over 500 pieces usually but they are not all plus size. You can always check by size to see what’s available.

  31. Thank you for the suggestions. I lived out of the Silhouettes catalog, and when they closed down, MIB. But I hate being limited. And I HATE shops that think the only thing I want to wear are muumuus.

  32. This store goes only to 3-4X but they have exquisite clothing that doesn’t look like “everyone else.” I used to wear size 36W so I feel your pain. I am just now getting down to where the cute clothes fit me. . My goal right now is to be able to fit into their clothes (and afford them). They have some really cool stuff and I’m teetering on the edge of them fiting me. There’s also Peg Lutz, if you’re looking for a special occasion dress. Everything is custom order and it’s spendy, but worth it. I got my wedding dress there.

  33. Good Lord, Peg Lutz is REALLY spendy now. Her stuff is all couture though.

  34. I forgot to mention They have TONS OF stuff that’s not “cookie cutter” and their prices are really reasonable. I bought a shirt from there years ago and it looks brand new still.

    1. BTW, goes to 10X and they have really cute stuff.

  35. Thank you for posting these sites. I can never find clothes my size. All my sisters are under size 10 & they don’t understand that I don’t like clothes shopping because not even Lane Bryant carries my size.

  36. Big Time clothing company does sizes 20 – 50 online, the underwear is great. There are some good tops but the range is always changing.

  37. You could also give and try or I’m a 3-4x on top and I’m a 30 for pants. I buy all my clothes there and they’re not terrible conservative like most plus size clothing. Just cause your big doesn’t mean you can’t look cute!

  38. No one has spoken about lingerie for us bigger gals. I’m a size 5X/6X and my husband Loves my curves which makes me want to look sexy for him. I love love love which sells up to a 12X which in their size is equivalent to a 5X/6X. I ordered a bikini from them and it has been fabulous! Yes ladies, even we can rock a bikini! I’ve also ordered one of their lace up party dresses and it was great. You get to choose your own fabric and design and they custom make it for you. Prices are great and manufacturing quality is second to none. I am so glad I found this site!

  39. Hi! Catherines Plus size. Theiy have a website but if you go to teir boutiques you’ll find a widee selection of styles and sizes. Their clearanc citems are sometimes great! Be prepared to pay a high price for underwear. Roamans is another. Also Woman Within,

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  41. I just started to do some research on super plus clothing for my plus clothing facebook page when I realized that some of my friends couldn’t fit the mostly 3xl clothes I post. The clothes that I came across were awful!! I just saw a bunch of mumus. Doing this research and reading your post is motivating me to go back into fashion design. Bigger women deserve to look beautiful, trendy, and youthful too! I am so sorry that the fashion industry sucks for you fabulous full-figured ladies! Please join these group if you have facebook:

  42. Check out this site for large size women’s clothing.

  43. Thats a verry good question. But the USA is on the lucky side, in europe “super plus sized” ends at 26. If you have the luck, to find a shop that specializing in some larger pieces, they look like a batik pillow exploded or as if your great-grandmom cutting off a piece of their curtains and sew a new shirt. Sorry i am overweight- not blind!

  44. You have got to try Love Your Peaches clothing based in New York. Janelle is great and for a couple of dollars you can customize your clothing. 6 x or I am sure she can make larger. Perfect fit every time for me and I keep buying and she keeps making more styles. Diana.

  45. You might like to check out Nice people and great clothes, will custom finish length, etc. at no extra charge. They go from 1X to 7X with lots of choices from dressy to casual.

  46. Haters gonna hate so get over yourself. I’m a big woman and have always been big but that doesn’t mean I don’t take care of myself or want to look nice, my husband likes it. Anyway I wanted to say THANK YOU very much for giving me new places to look for clothing, i’m looking forward to it. For the 1 that can’t spell, you need to LOSE attitude and GAIN respect.

  47. Had to let you know!! Just ordered 3 new and beautiful blouses. Thank you

  48. I need a comfortable bra that measures 60 inches,with stretch. B/c cup

  49. Thank you to the bloggers and also to the people who leave comments. I have spent a delightful 2 1/2 hours reading about new sources to find plus size clothing (I am a 30/32). This is the first time I have left a comment but I just couldn’t resist. The information and tips are amazing. Thank You Thank You

  50. Fullbeauty is great..
    Woman within..
    And I like kingsizedirect for the big guys.

  51. I LOVE woman within. For Christmas I got to get some stuff from there. I’ve never gotten to shop somewhere like there before so the sizing threw me off a little. I mostly ordered their 2x (26-28 I think) though I got a hoodie and sweater in their 3x and almost all of it wS just a little too big! Though I adore my wonderfully comfy, warm, and super pretty shaker knit baggy hoodie. I’m used to only being able to shop at big stores like Walmart and what not due to money and Walmart just never has anything that really fits me. Woman within is a bit pricey (to me). My hoodie was about $40 I think and the amazing marked knit cardigan I got was $50. But they have all the great basics every wardrobe needs. The tank tops and super cute tees and what not. And the basics are all at great prices!! I will definitely be shopping there again!

  52. Hi – I am trying to find some extended plus size lingerie and cannot find some anywhere – I normally wear a 6x with Women Within. I want something fun – any suggestions?

  53. Thanks for this. There is also Catherines, a sister store to Lane Bryant. Goes through 5X.

  54. How about affordable extended sizes sites for men? my husband is 7x/8x and I can’t pay $100 for a pair of shorts. I’ve even looked in womens plus size stores trying to find a dark plains style for him but they are all to short. Anyone have any ideas?

    1. Try Their sizes go up to 9XL. Prices can average $59.99-$69.99 for casual pants and you can get slacks on sale for those prices periodically too. They come unhemmed and you can request an inseam up to 36 inches. Hope this helps! :) ~Cheree~

  55. Ceeb Swimwear has swimsuits, both separates and one-pieces, in sizes up to 6X (38W-40W).

  56. I am a pluse size women about 5 or 6 x and I live in Toronto Canada . I’m looking for corduroy jeans as the winters here are very cold. I know about women within and MIB
    And I’ve been looking on every where that says plus size clothing but have never found any.
    Sorry not true once I found some from info on this page but can’t find it again. I would love some help if anyone has any places that I could much thanks. Debora

    1. Hi, Debora! If you look at love your under ‘special requests’ you’ll find that you can send them the fabric you want for the items you’re purchasing, because each order is made custom for you! That way, they keep your measurements on hand and when you place another order, you either choose from the large selection of fabrics they have or send your own! I’ve had a few pieces made (I wear a 6x) and they are really well made! I am very pear shaped, and it’s nice to find a designer who is also plus size and understands our needs. Good luck and hope it works out for you! :) ~Cheree~

  57. Has anyone shopped from They seem to go up to a 5x in somethings..but I am so leary of shopping from somewhere new. But they do have great prices on things. Thank you :)

    1. do not shop from rosewholesale or rosegals! i’ve heard so many complaints about those places! complaints range from horrible customer service to not sending you correct colors or items & then not even refunding you. :(

  58. I’m 6′ 400+ pounds. I have bought from Roamans & Full Beauty for years. I need tops that are at least 33″ length. Right now I’m in a 4x top & 4x pant (stretchy of course). I love catching their sales & final sales.

  59. Thanks for this. I have been trying to shop for my mom all week to find her something to surprise her with and Lord the trouble I’ve gone thru. I know it’s not the norm to be big but when someone is they just are. Doesn’t mean they should be naked because they are bigger then stores carry. Thanks so much you are a god send. And when I tried to type in her weight and height all google kept giving me was stupid how to lose weight info I stead of what clothing sizes she might be. I had to type in what do 550lb people wear just to find this page lol. (idk if she is even that big but there’s a whole tv show about it so I was praying they would say where they shop haha)

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