Five Things Make A Post

1) I am sooo looking forward to tomorrow morning, when Mark Reads will post the second-to-last chapter of Deadline.   Mark Reads reviews books a chapter at a time, progressing through books every other weekday, and it’s been building to this OMG HUGE second-to-last chapter for weeks.  (Need I say “spoilers”?) Some of the books he’s done this with in the past are the Harry Potter books, The HobbitThe Lord of the Rings,  and The Hunger Games.  Deadline is the middle book of the Newsflesh trilogy & Mark’s reading the whole thing, starting with the first chapter of Feed here.

2) I got myself a Fitbit Zip to help me be more consistently active — I use it as a pedometer that does built-in recordkeeping, so I can get a sense of how active I am in general, not just a single day. Since I got it I’ve found myself at work focusing deeply for one to two hours and then getting up to walk and get water or coffee or tea or something.  I’d quit feeling guilty about it because I found that a brief break to walk and stretch lets me focus better afterward.  This article helps me rationalize it more ;)

3) A year ago today I signed my father’s hospice paperwork as his medical power of attorney.  The anniversary was a bit freaky this week.  At the moment I’m at peace with it all, but I know my reactions will likely continue to change.

4) I’ve been posting on fat discrimination at It’s not a subject I want to dive into a lot, so posts are somewhat sporadic.

5) Like Paul Campos, I probably wouldn’t vote for Chris Christie.  But it’s not about his weight.



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One response to “Five Things Make A Post”

  1. wendyrg Avatar

    I’ve been using a Fitbit for the past 8-9 months. When I first got it, I made a fairly short foray to the “dark side” and asked it to calculate how many calories I would be able to eat per day to lose 1/2 pound a week. Based on my height, weight and activity level on an on-going basis, I could check in at any time and see what the Fitbit was calculating as my daily “calorie allowance”.

    Fortunately, this mild insanity only lasted for about 6 weeks, but I continue to use the Fitbit as a pedometer and an activity-level tracker. I do actually try to burn at least a certain number of calories per day (nothing crazy), but it’s more to remind me to be active. Needless to say, I have not lost any weight, but I love knowing how active I am. I also wear it at night, to check the quality of my sleep (how often I wake up, etc.).

    I admit, I’m somewhat hooked on the Fitbit, but only in the best way!

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