Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

Fun with Search Terms

WordPress tracks what people searched on that led them to this site.  “Living 400lbs” is probably the most common one and one I find amazing (people are looking for me!)  But some are a bit weird, anothers, well, deserve an answer.

“i weigh 350 and i cant work” — Weight is not a disability.  Most of the time that I weighed 350 I was working at a major software company.  Now I weigh ~400lbs and I work at a small software company.   If you mean the Telegraph story, Fatistician dissected it over here.

“lemonade mix without splenda or nutrasweet” — Water, lemon juice, sugar.

“what is fat people diabetes called?” — The type of diabetes most commonly associated with being fat is type 2.  Most fat people actually don’t get it. Oh, and thin people are not immune.

“hamstring stretches for the obese” — Are not that unlike hamstring stretches for the thin. I do tend not to use the bars attached to the walls at my gym since I’m not sure they’re up to supporting my weight.  My footboard is though.  I also bend over and stretch that way (yes, I can touch my toes).

“large belly chafing heat rash” — I use baby powder.

“danger of weighing 400 lbs”Most people actually can’t, because their bodies resist gaining that much weight.

“super sized women clothing catologs” — Stef has quite the list here.

“men who have gotten fat from yoga” — Wow, yoga is the reason I’m fat?  Gee.

7 responses to “Fun with Search Terms”

  1. Ha! I had someone ask me online, in all seriousness, if I felt “disabled” because of my weight. I weighed 350 when I was working 3 separate jobs at once; fast-food, inner city girl scout program, and cleaning office buildings. I weighed not much less when I got my first job mucking out horse stalls and tossing haybales. Nope, my weight doesn’t slow me down. This is all about that stupid Simpson’s episode where Homer gained a lot of weight to qualify for disability so that he could work from home.

    (P.S. I’m not minimizing those who have genuine disabilities where gaining weight is a side effect or comorbidity, just saying fat BY ITSELF is not a disability. )

    1. This is all about that stupid Simpson’s episode where Homer gained a lot of weight to qualify for disability

      Heh. There are people who are very large and can’t walk, but at 350 I would think there would be other issues like an injury.

      Another factor that can complicate matters is the feeder/feedee community, which fetishizes weight gain, sometimes to the point of immobility. Um, not me. Sorry!

      1. Wasn’t the limit something like 200 lbs in that episode?

        I remember, watching that episode, “Gee, I wish it were that easy – I wouldn’t mind collecting disability and not having to work, just because I wear a size 18 ;) )

  2. “men who have gotten fat from yoga”

    My first thought was, cuddly, flexible men—excellent choice!

    But I can’t decide now whether this person wants to get her cuddly flexible man to do some aerobics, or he is looking for a reason to avoid yoga.

    Or maybe someone misspelled ‘yogurt’?

    1. If you do yoga in a yurt, do you get yogurt?

      1. only if you have a goat or a cow in there with you!

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