Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

Thankful Thursday…

…just under the wire :)  Today I’m thankful for:

  1. My Making It Big order (BOGO, on clearance) arriving and all four items fit.
  2. I’m taking a long weekend just because I feel like it ;)
  3. Being able to lift some boxes today a lot easier than a few months ago.
  4. Going out to the French place for a Bastille Day special on Tuesday.
  5. New bras that fit.

Speaking of Tuesday: I went with a friend who wears skirts much more often than I.  As it was a “special event” I wore a red straight skirt, black “Marilyn” top, and pantyhose.  I do not often wear pantyhose, because my body is hard to fit.   I have hose which is supposed to be designed for someone up to 6′ and over 400lbs, but I do not think the manufacturer really thought someone would both weigh 400lbs and have a 30″ inseam.  I think it was assumed most women would have a 30″ inseam or weigh 400lbs. But I’ve been dealing with an allergic rash on my calf and the hose would cover it, so I did.

The hose sort of fit, in that it did go on — all the way up to my waist — without going up to my boobs.   But it only sort of fit, because the crotch of the hose was a few inches below my underwear.  At least, until I put on…*gasp*…my panty girdle.  Yes, I have a Flexees 10x panty girdle to hold up my pantyhose.

But the hose did cover the rash.  We both looked good. I ate lamb chops with fava beans and lovely French sauvignon blanc ;)

10 responses to “Thankful Thursday…”

  1. What I’m thankful for today:

    My best friend finally got a job after nearly eight months of unemployment!!!! Even though it keeps her all the way across the country from me, I’m delighted because she gets to stay where she’s truly happy.

    I’ve been given two new blogs to write about music and artists I believe in. That also makes up for the economic hit I took when I lost one of my original three blogs to cutbacks.

    Eureka is back on my television. It’s a little thing, but it makes both me and Mr. Twistie delighted.

  2. I am grateful for people I love & so far a fairly cool summer in Maine, good fantasy books, & many delicious things to enjoy, including simple childish things such as Milk Duds, Raisinets, & mini Charleston Chews….also for the bowl of chili which is heating for my lunch.

    I just wanted to ask if you have tried any of Making It Big’s mock turtles. I have gotten their catalogs, but never ordered anything, partly because of their prices, but mostly because I think most things are too big for me, but I do like big shirts & the mock turtles look as if they would be nice. And do MIB’s clothes run large in general?

    1. The size chart definitely lists body measurements, not clothing measurements, but generally they fit pretty true to size. I haven’t gotten the mock turtles but I do have a couple of the big shirts. If you want a big shirt fitted you might be able to go down a size, but if you want to be able to layer it then don’t.

      They also tend to use heavierweight fabrics for their winter stuff. Some of their cotton knit shirts I bought in the mid-90s are still wearable – old, worn, thinner, but wearable. (My husband’s been wearing them, so they’ve been getting heavier wear lately.) And I don’t think my corduroy big shirt will *ever* wear out ;)

  3. Thanks for the information. They definitely sound like high quality, investment clothing. I know that their pants are too big & a much baggier fit than I prefer (I am very much a stretch jeans with button & zipper, either skinny or straight leg kind of person), but I do think it would be worthwhile trying some of their shirts. Actually, the quality sounds similar to LLBean, though no one can compare with Bean’s unconditional 100% lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately, Bean only carries a small amount of plus sizes & not VERY plus at that. My family has bought a lot from them over the years, but it is very frustrating to look at a catalog, see something I love, only to find that they only make it in misses’ size.

    I live in a climate with plenty of very cold weather & currently in a house which also is cold most of the time & freezing in the winter months, so the heavier material is definitely welcome.

  4. You said panty girdle and made me LOL. I am thankful for that :)

    1. You are welcome, and I’m glad you laughed! :)

  5. Pantyhose? In the summer? Egads, is it cool in your neck of the woods?

    Pantyhose are a source of annoyance for me too. My thighs are very heavy and retain fluid. Most stockings and pantyhose don’t stretch enough to cover these babies.

    Your Thankful Thursday posts are such a delight. I’m thankful that the weather in Philadelphia has been cool this summer with the exception of yesterday and today. But I won’t carp, the humidity is supposed to drop overnight.

    1. I’m glad you like them! BTW, I’m in Seattle, so it’s cooler than a lot of the US in summer. It’s been mostly low 80s and upper 70s this year.

  6. Oh, almost forgot.

    Making It Big has the most comfortable swimsuits. None of those weird foam bras, easy to get in and out of and great for swimming laps. Just wish they weren’t so darned expensive.

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