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Window Shopping: Sweaters

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing, which is to say, clothing I can wear. Preferably modeled by fat people]

Plus Woman Made-to-Order Sweater

After weeks of highs in the 70s and 80s we’re suddenly experiencing … fall. I even wore a sweater to work today.

I’ve been looking forward to sweater season this year.   Suddenly I don’t worry about whether my bra’s cup seams show.   Since my desk at work seems to be in a cold pocket of the office, I’ve kept a sweater at work for the summer which frequently ended up around my shoulders in the morning.

Now it’s colder.  Considering I have enough sweaters (and cords and sweats) that I put most of them in the guest room closet for the summer I may not buy any this year, but I do like to look.

So I’m looking ;)

Plus Woman has a textured poly/rayon/acrylic a-line sweater in eggplant or navy for $69.  Note it’s one of their “Made to Order” items, so you can choose the length (from 27″ to 40″) scoopneck or v-neck, and sleeve length.   This can be a really good option if you want a particular fit.  Plus Woman also has other, less customized sweaters from $34.

Plus Woman has its own sizing, ranging from an 18W-20W equivalent to a 38W-40W equivalent.

MiB calls this a "textured pullover".  The texture does look nice...
MiB calls this a "textured pullover".

Over at Making it Big there’s the textured scoopneck sweater, complete with a little cellphone (or cardkey) pocket on the side. There’s also a cardigan version but it’s the scoopneck that I’ve been ogling for over a month now.

Both come in the rust or olive.

Why haven’t I ordered it?  It is hand wash / lay flat to dry, which seems a bit excessive for a cotton/acrylic mix.   Plus I already have a pile of sweaters, including a rust-colored (v-neck! cabled!) sweater, which makes shelling out another $99 a bit hard to explain to myself.

(No, I don’t want olive.)

Making it Big also has their own sizing, ranging from an 22W-24W equivalent to a 46W-48W equivalent.

18 responses to “Window Shopping: Sweaters”

  1. Wow. Another reminder of how expensive the truly plus sized lines can run. I’m small enough that, with a little creativity and effort, I can usually make “straight sizes” work, and I rarely shell out more than $20 for a sweater.

    But in any case, cute, cute things! Thanks for sharing. ^_^

    1. I dug out my favourite sweater this morning- Old Navy- one of the maternity items that found a permanent place in my wardrobe. I find plus-size sweaters have too much sleeve and shoulder for me, while straight sizes have not enough hip or belly. As in all things fit-wise: your mileage may vary. But it’s making me warm and happy this morning.

      1. Hah! I use maternity clothes, too. I have hips of doom, but rack of… well, a 12 year old boy. Most clothes that will fit over my hips and stomach have arm holes that come down to my belly button and and huge empty wads of fabric where my boobs should be. I look ridiculous. Wearing maternity sweaters does sort of make people look at me funny, because I do sort of look like I’ve been perpetually pregnant, but at least my shirts aren’t rolling up to my bra band when I sit down.

    2. Well, and I’m mostly looking for “nifty looking” not “nifty prices”. But “nifty prices” could be a good theme for another week ;)

  2. Those sweaters look really nice and warm. <3

  3. I LOVE that cardigan but as a knitter I can tell you, you could make that cotton/acrylic rust colored cardigan fairly easily and cheaper than $99 and you could wash it on the gentle cycle.

    I’m usually just a lurker but I figured I’d throw a comment out there this time!

    1. As a knitter I think $99 is about the right price if you were to sell a hand-knit sweater, even one made of less expensive yarn.

      I do agree that a cotton/acrylic mix should be machine washable; I can’t imagine why it’s not.

  4. I pulled out my gray and black marbled hooded, button-down sweater I got for Christmas last year from Fashion Bug to wear to work this morning, since it was about 53 degrees. Right now I’m sitting in the office facing the front windows that I have open and a chilly breeze is blowing. Only two weeks ago it was in the high 80’s and I was sweating.

    The prices of sweaters are outrageous, but the good part is if you get a few well-made ones, they can last for years.

  5. Honestly, I’m just thrilled that the sweaters are over 30 inches long. I’m only 5’4″, but I have a Rack of Doom and a big stomach. It makes most tops these days like the equivalent of short-sheeting a bed.

    1. Over 30″, and the “Made to Order” one can be made up to 40″. :)

  6. Honestly, for that fiber content I’d wash the sweater in the washing machine without a second thought. Cold water, delicate cycle. Do not cheat and throw it in with other things on warm or regular cycle.

    You can lay it out flat to dry if you wish, but that takes forever. I drape my heavier sweaters lengthwise over the shower curtain rod (put a towel over the rod first) and flip the sleeves up over the rod. That fiber blend should dry relatively quickly.

    There is almost nothing I hand wash anymore. Most of my “delicates”–even silk and wool–get the treatment I’ve just described.

  7. I love your clothing reviews, finally someone who wears a similar size to me!

    Check out Blouse House for some great tops as well.

    I am pretty much a furnace at any time of year, so I never wear sweaters. Due to society telling me that “fat people sweat”, I didn’t figure this out about myself until a few years ago. Funny how when I stopped wearing sweaters, I stopped sweating. Especially funny when you consider their name and how obvious it should have been. :P

    1. I will check out Blouse House.

      If I’m up and moving, I tend to be warmer. If I’m sitting (and I’m employed to use a computer all day, which generally means sitting) then I’m colder. Layers are my friend ;)

  8. Honestly, don’t be too discouraged by what care instructions on a label may say. A few rayon or silk things I’ve owned I hand washed, but everything else (even things that say dry clean) go in the wash on cold, and low heat to dry, always comes out fine, though it’s always best to use your own judgement, especially on an expensive item.

  9. I never hang sweaters, and lay them out on a drying rack or the old dog crate. But everything I own gets washed on cold, including sweaters. Dry-clean only stuff gets handwashed. The only stuff I take to the cleaners are things like coats that are too unwieldy to manage!

    1. I avoid dry cleaning myself.

  10. I LOVE sweaters! But I so rarely find them to work for me… they’re either too short (boobs and belly), or 12″ too long in the arms. for under $100, i could be tempted to order one.

    I found your blog via The Rotund, and I’m glad I found it! You’re great.

    1. That’s part of why I think is really valuable – since they do custom lengths and so forth.

      I found your blog via The Rotund, and I’m glad I found it! You’re great.


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