Virtual Window Shopping: Nifty Prices

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing which is to say, clothing I can wear. Preferably modeled by fat people.]

Mostly with the virtual window shopping I’ve been looking at women’s clothes that I could wear* and that I think are really really nifty.   This week it’s stuff I could wear, like enough to wear, and have nifty prices — under $25.

One Stop Plus:

Print knit tunic to 5X, $14.88.

Thermal Henley shirts in gray and chocolate to 6X, $11.99.

Knit drawstring pants in 3 lengths with pockets to 6X, $12.99-$21.99

Dressy skirt in red to 34W, $17.99.

Jean jacket to 34W, $19.99.

Knit sleepshirt to 7X/8X, $15.99


Rib knit tank swimsuit to 6X, $14.99

“Dream. Laugh. Live.” and “Life Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously” v-neck t-shirts to 5X and 6X, $9.99

Print skirt to 6X, $19.95

Fleece barn jacket to 6X, $19.95

Tennis skirt in closeout colors to 6X, $14.95

Woman Within:

V-neck long-sleeve tee to 7X, $13.99.

You’ll want them if it snows: Fleece sweatpants to size 6X in 3 lengths, $16.88-24.99.

Most of this stuff is pretty casual.  Partly it’s because my job lets me dress casually (and that’s something I do look for when interviewing) but partly it’s because a lot of the dressier stuff is not available in my size or at the target price.

*For the purposes of this series I assume anything 4X+ has a chance of fitting.  Sizing varies depending on manufacturer and cut, plus, sometimes I’m in an oversized mood and sometimes I’m not.

I’ve also seen 4X to be translated as 34/36W,  30/32W, AND 26/28W. Toss in that I’ve seen both 28W and 34W marked for a 58″ bust (again from different manufacturers) and I understand why a common eBay convention is to measure a shirt’s width while it’s laid flat on a table!




8 responses to “Virtual Window Shopping: Nifty Prices”

  1. Bree Avatar

    It’s both amusing and frustrating to see how different companies do sizing. Depending on the cut, I’m a 22-30 in tops and a 24-32 in bottoms. If the waist is elastic or a flat front with no buttons or zips, I can do 24/26.

    This is why extended sizing needs to be in stores, instead of mostly online. But since I have a greater chance of winning the lottery, we’ll just have to wing it.

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Yup. This is also what keeps me going to Catherine’s regularly, even though 80% of their stuff does not appeal to me. Being able to try on that remaining 20% is worth it!

  2. MaryLeigh Avatar

    talk about good deals! how fun!

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Hopefully someone will make good use of these :)

  3. Regina T Avatar
    Regina T

    I enjoy your clothing posts! My biggest problem with clothing…especially shirts….is the length. My torso has always been longer than average, along with longer legs, making it difficult to find shirts and pants that cover me. That being said, I don’t buy any shirt that doesn’t come in at least a 32″ length to cover my tummy and rear end, nor do I buy pants that aren’t at least 30″, preferably 32.

    There are so many things I would buy if they only came in a longer length. I will wear a jacket that is shorter, as long as I have longer shirt underneath, but that is rare since I have long arms too.

    I like things loose, not clingy. But I have been thinking about that a lot lately because loose things make me look shapeless, especially skirts and dresses (particularly the dress I wore to my daughter’s wedding here Pants are easier for me since most plus size pants come in tall nowadays, though capri pants are my staple for the summer and I’m still wearing them!

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      I go back and forth on the fitted/loose clothing preferences. I did the “flowing” look for a long time, thinking it helped hide my belly. It did but it also made my look bigger. A more fitted look can emphasize my breasts and hips, but it’s a LOT harder to do with mail-order!

  4. Regina T Avatar
    Regina T

    Ooops….looks like the link doesn’t work. FYI, it’s the Lace Jacket Dress in Champagne on the OneStopPlus site under Special Occasion.

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      I was able to fix the link – had a ) that didn’t need to be there :)

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