Ah, Teh Sex ;)

(Misspelling intentional!)

Marianne posted about sex yesterday, and Red No. 3 followed up with a post today.  So, it’s kind of a blogaround!   :)

I did a general post on sex a few years ago.  A few things I’d add now:

All of which is to illustrate:  It is okay to be different.  It is okay to do what you feel is best for you.

One friend describes why she didn’t have sex in high school as: “Small town, kids I’ve known for over a decade who were mostly less mature than I.   I didn’t see anyone I wanted to have sex with.”

Yeah, me too.  Granted I may have had more self-[body]-hate and fantasy of being thin going on, but I also didn’t have anyone I felt comfortable with.

I don’t think every relationship has to be The Love Of Your Life.  I have had “friends with benefits” that worked out rather well.  But I don’t think it’s a good idea to be with someone you don’t like or respect.

I will also note: It can be certainly enjoyable to have sex with yourself. Betty Dodson’s Sex for One or The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex may help with getting in the mood. As mentioned on The Rotund,   http://www.babeland.com/and  http://www.goodvibes.com have plenty of nifty toys that may help as well.

A year or two ago …

Two years ago, I wrote 2 of the most-read posts of this blog: on stress incontinence and jock itch.   I worked hard on both of those posts. I was a bit embarrassed to admit they were problems I deal with, but I also felt that writing a bad post on either would be worse than not writing them at all.  Take of that what you will…. ;)

Also I posted about an interesting glimpse “behind the scenes” at how the CDC lowered the weight at which people are considered “overweight or “obese”, courtesy of the book Health At Every Size.

A Year or Two Ago…

Two years ago I wrote about my knee problems for the first time.

I also compared what I think of as “magazine math” such as “An average person walking half an hour a day will lose 13 pounds a year” with an actual study involving an hour of aerobics a day, 6 days a week for a year…and resulted an average loss of 3 or 4 pounds.  MORE effort than the hypothetical half-hour walk, for LESS weight loss.  Hello?

This is why I don’t expect exercise to create big, noticeable weight loss.   Exercise DOES have benefits, including improving mobility, balance, and strength.  It can improve your heart, lungs, joints, cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, bone, and your overall health.  But our culture often ignores those benefits in the quest for thinness.

A Year or Two Ago…

Just over a year ago we were remembering the deaths of people who were “too fat” to evacuate after Katrina.

Later that week I wrote a post on buying plane tickets that still gets a number of hits.

Two years ago I wrote one of this blog’s most-googled/viewed posts.  (Why “fat woman sex” is one of the perennials of the search terms is not for me to answer.)  I also got a bit nostalgic about the well-drawn fat women in Dykes To Watch Out For.

August at Living 400lbs…

August!  Let’s see:

  • Switched to a new layout.
  • I’ve gotten more regular in my workouts, especially the strength training.
  • Liss at Shakesville linked to me several times (which is very flattering!)

If you’re curious, the most-read Living 400lbs posts that were written in August are:

  1. I’m squishy, but I’m NOT obese
  2. Michelle Obama: Let’s Harm Fat Kids
  3. As if the Biggest Loser wasn’t bad enough
  4. Deciphering studies: Absolute vs Relative Risks
  5. Food as Medicine, or, Blueberries Prevent Death

…and the August posts with the most comments are:

  1. As if the Biggest Loser wasn’t bad enough
  2. Fat Acceptance Quote for Parents and Teachers
  3. I’m squishy, but I’m NOT obese
  4. Food as Medicine, or, Blueberries Prevent Death
  5. Thankful Thursday

This also completes the 2nd year of this blog—I started on September 1st, 2008. :)    I am planning to start doing a few reprints this next year, just to revisit some topics I’ve already written about.  But I’m not planning to stop writing new posts either.

July Month-End

Top 5 most-read posts:

  1. Wonder if Michelle Obama reads the New York Times
  2. Fluff: Oprah Magazine cover
  3. New Diet Drug: Qnexa
  4. On not buying clothes
  5. Diet Drug Side Effects

Most commented-on posts:

  1. Wonder if Michelle Obama reads the New York Times
  2. Magickal Weight-Loss Necklace
  3. New Diet Drug: Qnexa
  4. Fluff: Oprah Magazine cover
  5. On not buying clothes
  6. Seattle Summer

Some search terms that made me roll my eyes:

  1. mesh on tongue
  2. tongue mesh (this isn’t over yet?)

Some search terms that made me smile:

  1. living 400lbs  (people are googling me specifically!)
  2. bbw yoga photo
  3. blogs on fat acceptance
  4. lingerie for women who weigh 400 pounds
  5. exercise for fat chicks

I als0 see search terms like “day in the life of morbidly obese”, which is both a good and a bad.  I mean, yes, I have the “Day in the Life” series about my day, so obviously I think it’s valuable.  But someone can be morbidly obese and weigh half of what I do.  Why is that something people are googling over?

June at Living 400lbs

Most of the most-read posts in June were from previous months, but then I didn’t post a lot in June.  But here’s the ones that did get a lot of readers:

  1. Weight Loss Expectations
  2. Fat Birth Control
  3. “But you’re thin!”
  4. Expectations (and Risks) of Weight Loss

Some search terms that made me smile:

fat pleasures
can fat people dress goth
a day in the life of an obese person
kraft dinner cauliflower reviews
it’s getting tougher these days to think

FYI: About WordPress.com Ads

I do not directly profit from the Google Ads you may see on my site.  In fact, WordPress prevents me from putting many standard advertisements on the site, which I’m fine with — I don’t pay the hosting.

So, how do these ads appear?  They are placed by WordPress, and are not shown to logged-into-WordPress readers. WordPress user accounts can be created for free (blog not required).   This would avoid ads like this on my site:

a weight-loss ad I recently saw while NOT logged in

an ad I recently saw while NOT logged in

Logging into a user account would also avoid these ads on other WordPress.com sites.

There is an upgrade blog owners can purchase to turn them off, but it involves giving WordPress money.  While I don’t begrudge WordPress the money — again, I’m not paying a dime for this blog — the methods available to get the money to WordPress all involve breaking anonymity.  Currently I do not wish to do this.

May at Living ~400lbs

Happy (almost) June!

Here in Seattle it’s not so much “summer” as “late spring”.   Yes, some of the rosebushes are starting to bloom, but we haven’t had a day yet over 75F.   Lots of gray skies, and hey, I don’t have to worry about watering the plants since the sky is doing that just fine…

Most-read posts from May:

  1. Jeans and big bellies
  2. Why Don’t I Diet?
  3. Plus-size Shops: Thin Models, Strange Names
  4. Today’s Logic Fail
  5. No, really?

Most-discussed posts from May:

  1. Today’s Logic Fail
  2. Jeans and big bellies
  3. Plus-size Shops: Thin Models, Strange Names
  4. No, really?
  5. Question: Friends?

A couple small changes this month:

  • The RSS feed is now the full post.
  • You can get an email subscription so you’re sent all the posts in email.

Thanks for reading!

Living 400lbs: Short form

It took a year and a half, but I finally have an “elevator pitch” for my blog.

“My weight is a big scary number that freaks a lot of people right out.
Want me to demystify it for you?”

Not that I necessarily need one, but there it is ;)

April Monthly Round-Up

This is partly for me, and partly to show folks a little of what’s going on “behind the curtain”.  :)

Most popular posts written last month:

  1. Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution”
  2. Kraft Dinner Mix-Ins
  3. Weight loss math isn’t as simple as they thought
  4. Some May Be Thinner Than They Think!
  5. Things I don’t want to share…
  6. Taxes as a metaphor
  7. Sleep Eating and Fat Dissolvers

Most discussed last month:

  1. Kraft Dinner Mix-Ins
  2. Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution”
  3. Virtual Window Shopping: SWAK
  4. Quote of the Day and Thankful Thursday and Virtual Window Shopping: SWAK
  5. Taxes as a metaphor

…and search terms that made me go “huh?”

  • funny woman buys two airline tickets to
  • if you weigh 400 lbs what size are you
  • how to have sex with a fat person
  • isnt wasn’t exercise?
  • cicadasinmay
  • signs and symptoms fatness
  • people were healthier in the 70’s
  • kraft dinner baked beans

Hope May is going well so far!   I had the man of the house singing this all weekend – it’s not work-safe (it’s about having sex outside).

Lyrics here.

March Round-Up

This is partly for me, and partly to show folks a little of what’s going on “behind the curtain”.  I’ve considered calling it “Best of Living 400lbs” but I’m not sure it’s really the best articles…what do you think?

March’s most popular posts:

  1. On Acceptance
  2. Why paying attention to weight can be good
  3. “Every Little Bit Helps!” Really? Depends
  4. Sometimes Exercise isn’t Fun
  5. 400lb Women are Rare….

March’s posts with the most discussion:

  1. Sometimes Exercise isn’t Fun
  2. Why paying attention to weight can be good
  3. On Acceptance
  4. Search Trends: Diabetes
  5. (tie) Sweet Potato Fries and Freedom to Cook

On a procedural note, I am going to have spotty Internet access through the weekend. I may be slow to respond to comments and to let first-timers through the mod queue.

Search Trends: Diabetes

A trend I’ve recently noticed in the search terms (WordPress’s handy table of phrases Google says people searched on to get to my site):  fat people who don’t have diabetes.

Specific examples:

why not all obese people get diabetes
do all overweight people get diabetes
i’m obese; will i get diabetes?
why obese people get diabetes
how many obese people have diabetes
how to fat people get diabetes
do all overweight people have diabetes 2
what percentage of obese people get diab
do all overweight people develop diabete

Since there is evidently some confusion out there, I’m going to make it nice and clear in this corner of the net:

No, not all fat people have diabetes.

From the American Diabetes Association – which is not exactly the most fat-accepting group in the world:

Most overweight people never develop type 2 diabetes, and many people with type 2 diabetes are at a normal weight or only moderately overweight.

Why not?  Other major risk factors for diabetes are genetics, race, and age — even sleep patterns have been implicated.   But weight is seen as being something people can control, and weight gain has traditionally been a precursor to type 2 diabetes, so “control your weight” has been the drumbeat of the public health sector.

By the way, research shows that regular exercise alone decreases diabetes risk.  It’s often lumped in with “lose weight”, but in fact, exercise improves your health whether you lose weight or not.


One might even surmise from this that weight gain alone doesn’t cause diabetes, or that diabetes isn’t completely avoidable….

February Monthly Roundup

Well, it was a bit of an eventful month!  Kevin Smith vs Southwest, Crystal Renn and Marianne Kirby vs MeMe Roth and Kim Benson.

Here’s the most popular posts that were posted here in February:

  1. Disney World
  2. Flying While 400lbs
  3. Is it fat or lack of exercise?
  4. Vacation photos!
  5. Confession
  6. Question: On Dating While Fat
  7. Healthcare Disparities
  8. Depression

What does “written this month” mean?  Well, here’s what were most popular this month, regardless of when they were written:

  1. Home page
  2. About Living 400lbs
  3. Disney World
  4. Flying While 400lbs
  5. Why This Blog is Anonymous, or On Not Coming Out
  6. Is it fat or lack of exercise?
  7. Vacation photos!
  8. Airflight Update

#1, 2 and 5 are usually very popular.  The home page is the home page, the About page is right next to it in the tabs along the top, and #5 is linked to on the sidebar.

For contrast, here’s what got the most comments:

  1. Depression
  2. Is it fat or lack of exercise?
  3. Disney World
  4. Flying While 400lbs
  5. What’s Up With You?
  6. Virtual Window Shopping: Hourglass, Apple, Pineapple, Pear…

After those we end up with a 3-way tie. ;)

January Monthly Roundup

Most read posts from this month:

  1. Barefoot Contessa
  2. Things Worth Reading: Epidemics and Safeway’s Wellness Incentives
  3. One Little Commitment
  4. Random Items from My Day
  5. Ah, January

Fun things from the search terms:

  1. truffes cafe au lait
  2. fat vomen filims
  3. do you need to be fat to get diabetes?
  4. why aren’t all fat people diabetic
  5. do all fat people get diabetes
  6. day in a life of an obese person

Also, a yoga writer used one of my photos (with permission) to illustrate an article on fat people doing yoga.  ;)

Monthly Roundup (Nov & Dec)

I’ve been posting less frequently these last two months, so I’m combining them :)

Most viewed posts:

  1. Oprah Mag printed the words “fat acceptance”
  2. ADA: Not all fat people get diabetes
  3. NYT on The Biggest Loser: “Health Can Take A Back Seat”
  4. A thought for the new week
  5. Checking in from the airport…

(Not counting the perennial favorites like Fat Women Have Sex Too! and the tabs across the top.)

Most commented on:

  1. NYT on The Biggest Loser: “Health Can Take A Back Seat”
  2. What would you put into a Fitness for Life class?
  3. Oprah Mag printed the words “fat acceptance”
  4. ADA: Not all fat people get diabetes
  5. Drink Coffee, Avoid Diabetes?

Some search terms that made me go “hm” (with links to the posts they go to):

And, since this is New Year’s Eve, here’s the total top-read for the year.  I’m even leaving in the ones I normally discount:

  1. Fat Women Have Sex Too!
  2. Why This Blog is Anonymous, or On Not Coming Out
  3. In context
  4. About Living 400lbs
  5. Life at ~400lbs
  6. Day in the Life: Shower, Chafing, & Jock Itch
  7. But…But…But…!
  8. Day in the life: Other nice ways to wake up
  9. Day in the Life
  10. Super Obesity!
  11. Day in the Life: Oh, THAT
  12. How Do You Comfort Sore Muscles?
  13. Today’s Logic Puzzle
  14. Myth: Fat Always = Overeating
  15. Most Fat People Don’t Get Diabetes?
  16. Who reads a 400lb lady’s blog, anyway?
  17. Fat Clothing Catalogs…
  18. DayintheLife: Oh yeah, I’m fat
  19. Questions about being 400lbs?
  20. Surgically attach mesh to tongue so eating is painful
  21. Day in the Life: Using A Ball As A Desk Chair
  22. Question: Have I considered gastric bypass?
  23. More: How Very Obese People Are Almost Completely Sedentary
  24. Not Just “Obese” Was Redefined…
  25. Calorie Restriction has Downsides?

It’s been a great year!  Thanks for reading!