Bras, Exercise and Other Body Vagaries

My 44DDD Lilyette #908 (also known as Cortland #7101) bras were getting worn and riding up the back.  Riding up the back usually means the band is too long, but as they were also visibly worn I figured I just needed non-stretched-out ones.  My Elomis are fitting better, but the underwires come right up to my armpits, and I like the Lilyettes.

So I bought 2 new 44DDDs.  Which are also riding up the back.  Not in the first 5 minutes, when I might have returned them if I wanted to eat the shipping.  No, after a few wearings.

Bras can really get on my nerves.  When well-fitting and supportive, they’re great!   They let me just get on with my day.  But when they’re NOT well-fitting or supportive, they range from uncomfortable to painful — sort of like not wearing a bra at all, in fact.

Bra shopping is worse.  Most women aren’t my size, which means most bras aren’t made for a woman my size.  This limits my choices in bras, but also in shopping venues.  Real variety is only available online.  As Lesley at Fatshionista memorably pointed out, this is not fun.

The cup size fits fine, at least, and they are now available in a G cup, so I could order a 42G to try (after buying it and paying shipping, of course).

Alternatively … I’ve been so focused on walking and leg exercises that I haven’t been doing any upper-body exercises lately.   One of the things that’s always frustrated me when I start doing upper-body exercises is that I generally end up needing a bigger bra rather quickly.  Bigger how?  Band size.

Changing my underbust size is expensive.  Bras don’t support DDD/G boobs unless they fit well, damn it, and my bras cost at least $25; my Elomi bras are $54, and they’re not the most expensive I’ve seen.  So of course that’s the part of my body that changes quickest when I exercise!  The only other part which would be more expensive to change would be my feet!

Today I did 12 wall push-ups, which felt good.   When I’m ready I’ll switch to doing push-ups on the foot of my bed*.   Later I’ll get out the dumbbells for some curlshammer curls, and shoulder presses.   And if the 44DDD Lilyettes still aren’t fitting in a month then I’ll see about a 42G.

*I have a very sturdy bedframe that was made by a friend. The kitchen counter would also work.



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8 responses to “Bras, Exercise and Other Body Vagaries”

  1. spuffyduds Avatar

    What I don’t understand is how a bra can feel absolutely FINE for several wearings and then suddenly OH MY GOD I WILL DIIIIIIEEEEEEE IF I DON’T GET THIS THING OFF ME RIGHT NOW. How does THAT work?

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      I usually get bigger cup and band-size during my period. Sometimes enough to switch to a larger-size bra.

    2. Lori Avatar

      Some could be washing and care, too. I’m the worst person around about this–all my bras just get thrown in the washer and dryer with everything else–but I know that air drying bras is said to keep them in much better shape.

  2. Lori Avatar

    As a 38K, I cannot sing the praises of the Enell sports bra enough. It IS really pricy, but it’s the best sports bra I’ve found, and it’s lasted me for five years, through gaining a few cup sizes and a band size when I was nursing my son, losing a band size and a cup size when I was done nursing, then gaining back a few band sizes and a cup size while pregnant.

    1. Lori Avatar

      The last part of that should be “gaining back a few cup sizes and a band size.” I can vouch for the Enell I have working well over a range of about 3-4 cup sizes and 2 band sizes, but that’s it.

  3. HellfireLover Avatar

    I can vouch for the Enell as well. When I ordered it, I was a full cup size smaller and two band sizes bigger, and it still fits great. It’s the only sports bra which works for me, but it gives such a bizarre shape, I’m glad that I can get other bras fairly cheaply for everyday (UK 36/38 FF/G, depending on brand).

  4. ladyjaye Avatar

    Funny that you posted about sports bras, I was going to do that this week too! :)

    I’m smaller-breasted than you (a 42DD or something like that), but it’s still difficult to find a good sports bra that fits. I got lucky though — The Bay was having a 25%-off sale on Shock Absorbers bras last week and when I went, it happened that the pair I picked was already reduced and ended up costing $26 with taxes. Needless to say that I got a second one!

    But yeah, I’m rough on bras in general…

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