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April 2023

  • Life in a rural village in India

    Housewives starting businesses with micro loans. Thriving, some of them. But if your husband decides to take your money or hit you or your children, you are his property. It’s his choice. Or is it? The Bandit Queens, by Parini Shroff, takes on all this and more, while being laugh out loud funny. The humor… Continue reading

  • Thinking affects doing

    This is a somewhat dismal quote, but hang on for the flip side. Individuals who perceived themselves as less active than others were up to 71% more likely to die in the follow-up period than those who perceived themselves as more active. This finding held across 3 samples and after adjusting for actual levels of… Continue reading

  • Alcohol

    I seem to have hit on a string of books where the characters drink alcohol every day. Usually multiple drinks at a sitting. Then I read a Tumblr post that reiterates that 3 to 5 drinks at a time is considered a binge, and the liver needs time to process it, so even if you… Continue reading

  • Signal Boost

    Are you thinking about leaving your state or country? This essay has a good discussion of factors. The comments are even worth reading. Continue reading

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