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August 2011

  • Proper Treatment

    Knowing intellectually that people can die of asthma is a bit scary.  Reading that a friend of a friend died of an asthma attack is another. Death from asthma is a relatively uncommon event, and most asthma deaths are preventable. It is very rare for a person who is receiving proper treatment to die of asthma. However,… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [an occasional exercise in gratitude] Sherlock is on Netflix instant streaming. A mild summer. My new dress (this, size H, in blue) fits great, is nice and cool, and has pockets. My father and his new care home appear to be getting along. I am getting enough sleep and my anxiety is decreasing. Next weekend will… Continue reading

  • I am burly girl

    bur·ly  Adjective: (of a person) Large and strong; heavily built. Saturday I helped my father move into an Adult Family Home — smaller and less institutional setting than a nursing home, but still with 24-hour caregivers.  The home is at the top of a long, steep driveway.  How long?  You could easily park 3 cars, one behind the… Continue reading

  • “Light bladder leakage” and Hourglass Pads

    Apparently Poise is thinking “light bladder leakage” sounds nicer than “incontinence”, and that framing its products as “feminine” will do better than as “geriatric”.   They are probably correct. I do know I ran into one problem discussed in the industry. The New York Times quotes market researcher Rob Walker: “[T]he biggest challenge for the… Continue reading

  • Friday Fun

    Here’s something to make you smile Friday, courtesy of Beth Ditto: What are looking forward to this weekend? If it’s not your weekend, what are you looking forward to when you get there? Continue reading

  • Very Fat Characters and Writing Difference

    As Roxane Gay notes in her discussion of The Help, Writing across race (or gender, sexuality, and disability) is complicated. Sometimes, it is downright messy. There is ample evidence that it is quite difficult to get difference right, to avoid cultural appropriation, reinscribing stereotypes, revising or minimizing history, or demeaning and trivializing difference or otherness.… Continue reading

  • Where did you first encounter fat acceptance?

    I first encountered research on Diets only working short-term Yo-yo dieting leading to weight gain Eating well and exercising improving your health, even if you don’t lose weight … in the pages of the 1980s BBW magazine, along with the general idea that you don’t have to be thin to live a happy life.  I even… Continue reading

  • It’s not the diet. It’s YOU.

    From a discussion of celebrity endorsements of diet plans comes this gem from Nutrisystem exec Stacie Mullen: “The dieting public understands that the dieter has a responsibility to comply with the program,” said Ms. Mullen, adding that if the dieter fails, “I don’t think the public blames the program the dieter was on.” And from Zalmi… Continue reading

  • What’s Important?

    My mother was fat, though she lost weight shortly before she died.  My father, by contrast, was always thin and muscular.  Yes, he drank like the Navy seaman he’d been and smoked 1-2 packs a day, but he was strong and healthy.  He gained some weight when he retired and quit smoking, but not much.… Continue reading

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