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May 2014

  • Music Monday: Memorial Day

    In the US it’s Memorial Day, set aside to honor those who died in wars. Ideally there will be fewer of them in the future. Video is Dixie Chicks performing  “Travelin’ Soldier“. Continue reading

  • Secondhand Buyer Beware

    Hopefully this isn’t really news to you, but … I dutifully logged into eBay to change my password — granted my address etc are still in the hands of hackers, but it seemed the thing to do anyway, so I did — and started looking for clothing because, hey, why not? I have had good… Continue reading

  • Quote of The Day: On Sex

    [Warning: rape] I had a conversation with a therapy patient of mine recently that spoke volumes to the problems of living in a rape culture that no longer wants to use the dirty word rape. She told me that she and her best friend (both 19-years-old) frequently endured sex with their boyfriends that involved heavy drug use,… Continue reading

  • It Came From The Search Terms

    Once again, a post inspired by search terms used to reach my site. how much does a woman who wears a 5x weigh This probably depends on the woman’s height, amount of muscle, and how many limbs have been replaced with cybernetics.  Really, some of those are heavy. what are the rules about having to… Continue reading

  • Exercising for Strength

    [Please avoid if references to calorie counting, restriction, or binge eating is a problem. This also goes for most of the links.] Lately I’ve been reading two very different blogs for their exercise content. One is Shaunta Grimes’ Tumblr, where she’s discussing her “100 Day Experiment” with Health At Every Size®.  Shaunta had begun her weight-accepting… Continue reading

  • Norwescon Panel Discussions

    Like many fan conventions, Norwescon has lots of panel discussions.  There are many areas of focus, including not just sci fi & fantasy but science, space, writing, art, movies, indie filmmaking, gaming, costuming, music, and the culture of fandom.  This year, some of the panels included were: Feminism in Fandom Size Acceptance is for Every Body… Continue reading

  • Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding can  help others improve their lives, like: Marissa Alexander defense fundraiser Contributing to help Michelle from The Fat Nutritionist become Registered Dietitian. It also creates neat things – some I’ve contributed to have created things like recording “Release The Cello” or (….and pretty much The Doublclicks’ next year.…) Another interesting campaign right now is Fattitude: A Body Positive… Continue reading

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